World of Warcraft 8.3 version of the auction house changes details (2)
    • Last updated October 15, 2019
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World of Warcraft 8.3 version of the auction house changes details (2)

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     October 15, 2019    


World of Warcraft 8.3 version of the auction house changes details (2)




Changed item trading rules


The purchaser is now able to purchase a portion of the item on the shelf, rather than buying all of the items on the shelf as before.

And the new goods priority rule has been formulated, that is, the latest goods that are subsequently put on shelves can be sold first in the first time.

And the auction house will give priority to the lowest price to sell to buyers.

This is not only a small trick to combat the poor design of the auction house, but more importantly, it reflects the principle of buyer priority.



Although the auction house interface no longer displays copper coins, the system still uses the previous copper price system to settle the goods, and the final transaction currency must also use copper coins.

The emergence of the "new goods priority" rule makes us guess: when the goods are on the shelves, it may actually be "pressing 1 copper coin" to achieve this rule. Like other service skins, the higher the frequency with which sellers are placed, the greater the probability that the goods will be sold.





Improve the game selection function; users can now directly search for equipment that has not been illusory.

Forecasting illusion and BOE sales will increase.

Unified mail reply: If you buy a lot of items at the auction house, it will be sent to you in different versions of the mail in the previous version, but now only one mail is needed, including all the players to buy the goods, packaged and sent to the players.

And after the seller and the buyer's player trade, the transaction amount can be dealt to the seller's account in real time, and will not wait for an hour to settle as before.


In the sales interface, in addition to the shelves, the list on the right shows neatly the full details of the sale, such as unit price, quantity, and seller. You can check if you have been downgraded. When you first put on the merchandise, Blizzard will pop up a reminder box telling you that you don't need to press the price. At the same price, the goods on the shelves will be sold first. Players are welcome to visit to purchase their favorite equipment and items.


wish list


You can now collect your favorite items. Have you forgotten the name of the jewel or agile mixture? If you add a wish list, you won't have to worry about finding them. Adding a wishlist will have a yellow star mark. The above is the summary of the changes in the contents of the World of Warcraft 8.3 version of the auction house, and everyone thinks about this change? Is it special humanity?