The success of World of Warcraft Classic cannot be copied
    • Last updated October 18, 2019
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The success of World of Warcraft Classic cannot be copied

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     October 18, 2019    


The success of World of Warcraft Classic cannot be copied


 WOW Classic Gold


When World of Warcraft Classic was first released two years ago, it was not the cheers and correspondence of the old players, but the suspicions and suspected hype of the majority. Do players really want to relive memories that have been entangled in Stranglethorn Vale? Do they really want to spend hours moving from one area to another, or standing in the city trying to hold a group battle to attack the dungeon? "World of Warcraft Classic" really has some kind of intangible quality, it is worthy of all the forum topics, tweets and propaganda proposed by Blizzard to promote it?


Obviously all this is worth it.



In the month after breaking the release record, about 1.2 million players watched their favorite players in the game online at the same time. Since a large number of viewers poured into the server at the same time, all at least 2,000 players need to wait in line to enter the server. Until now, it has not lost its charm. He is still one of the most popular games on Twitch. With the subsequent dungeon mode launched by the official team, it has attracted more players to come to the game. I am eager to try. If the player is unable to complete the item transaction due to the lack of WOW Classic Gold in the game, it is recommended to visit to purchase a lot of World of Warcraft gold. This is the only way you can get a lot of WOW Classic Gold in a short time. The method, and the ultra-low price, extra discount, online fast delivery are the reasons you choose to buy here.



"World of Warcraft" game director Hazzikostas talked about the revival of Classic, saying how to catch up with the glory of Warcraft, and want to see what his future will look like. “It’s amazing to see the exciting things in this wider community to explore and visit the world of Azeroth 15 years ago.”



When the classic version of World of Warcraft was released, I was not sure many people would expect it. I can't even imagine that it will be as hot as it is today. This is absolutely beyond the expectations of the team. So that the team had to expand the number of servers around the clock to accommodate more players.