What are the 5 \u201cW\u2019s\u201d of Varicose Veins?

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What are the 5 “W’s” of Varicose Veins?

Posted By Joseph Decker     October 20, 2021    


Are you looking for the perfect vein center Lindenhurst? With a doubt what you need to ask there from your vein specialist near me long island. Therefore here we solve this problem of yours by providing you with the 5 Ws. 


What are the five "W's" of varicose veins? If you've never taken a look at the who, what, where, when, and why then now is a good time.



Let’s understand them one by one. 

1 Who gets varicose veins? 

Actually, any number of people can't be bothered by them. They are not exclusive to a specific gender or race but are more closely related to age and lifestyles. The bothersome condition affects about twenty-five percent of the adult population, but almost twice as many women as men. Women with multiple pregnancies tend to be more susceptible. Those who have lives or jobs that demand a lot of time spent on their feet also tend to suffer more than others.


2 What are they? 

The World English Dictionary defines them as "a condition in which the superficial veins, esp. of the legs, become tortuous, knotted, and swollen." In other words, they are lumpy, blue-colored, twisted-looking veins. Circumstances and circulation determine the level of pain they might inflict.


3 Where do varicose veins present themselves?

 In reality, they can appear anywhere, but most commonly can be found protruding from the back of your legs or anywhere on your lower body.


4 When does one become susceptible to them and when do they commonly appear? 

Usually, varicose veins don't appear until well into adulthood, but conditions, genes, and health determine the outcome.


5 Why do varicose veins appear?

 Basically, arteries are designed to take blood from the heart to all parts of the body, and veins bring the blood back. On the way back up the legs, however, blood must defy gravity to make it all the way back up to the heart. After a while, even though veins have the elasticity to them, they get worn out. As you get older, you will find that everything starts to sag eventually. Pregnant women or obese individuals are more likely to develop varicose veins. Circulation and pressure on lower limbs cause blood flowing back up through the veins to be more difficult. Also, those who spend a lot of time on their feet are more at risk. Putting your feet up periodically assists the veins in pumping the blood back to the heart, and not as much strain is placed on the veins.



Now that you've been informed, what is the next step? Consult a vein doctor near me

. Many varicose vein treatment are available today ranging from exercise to surgery to the latest advancement, the Closure Procedure from VNUS. Hopefully, communication with your doctor in determining the best varicose vein treatment near me for you will be a little easier now that you know the five "W's" in varicose veins.

With this, it is very important to have the veins center Hamptons who have all these 5 W’s satisfied and answered properly. 


Article Source : https://veincentersli.mystrikingly.com/blog/what-are-the-5-w-s-of-varicose-veins