The new version of Warcraft classics summarizes the battle of Azeroth
    • Last updated October 21, 2019
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The new version of Warcraft classics summarizes the battle of Azeroth

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     October 21, 2019    


The new version of Warcraft classics summarizes the battle of Azeroth





"The Battle of Azeroth" will officially end in the next version of the World of Warcraft classic. In the 8.2 patch we saw that Azshara's Eternal Palace was destroyed by the N'Zoth released from the prison. Here ended the war between the Horde and the Alliance, Saarfar sacrificed his own fight for peace, and Sylvanas began some mysterious plans. Now the focus is on facing the powerful enemy of N'Zoth. How do we counterattack?



At the same time, there will be two new league races in the next version: Mechagnomes belonging to the Alliance and Vulpera belonging to the Horde. And these two new races will have their own mounts, and as the level grows, they can unlock more privileges: for example, the ability of traditional armor. Vanilla WOW Gold is now in hot sales.



At the end of the Battle of Azeroth, players still need to compete against 12 powerful bosses. Not surprisingly, N'Zoth is the behind-the-scenes planner of all of this. Maybe this is the first time players have faced N'Zoth, but when they play against 12 bosses, they can provide us with more experience for future. When confronted with N'Zoth, there is no power. This patch also contains a new version of the dungeon called "fallen". This dungeon is mainly based on the theme of N’Zoth. When the fallen dungeon opens the door, will the players feel fear?



Players at the Master Tower will be very happy when they hear similar challenges in the upcoming new release. Wrathion will guide the player through the dungeon scene, and after the players have crossed the storm, they will see N 'Zoth wearing his legendary cloak waiting for the players in the center.



The most important point is that the new two races have added traditional armor, which means they have a unique advantage in combat. If the players also lack gold and can't exchange their favorite items, click to buy them. There are also discounts for purchase now.