Is my website ADA Compliant?\u00a0
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Is my website ADA Compliant? 

Posted By adacompliancepros adacompliancepros     October 22, 2021    


The legal floodgates are open as there are 40% more lawsuits filed in the year 2021 as compared to the previous year. Businesses and retailers are getting hit hard as lawyers are making big money in the name of non-compliance to the ADA guidelines. With almost half of the American population dealing with some kind of disability, it becomes imperative to have an accessible website that doesn’t discriminate against users based on their impairments. To ensure sufficient accessibility, ADA compliant website checker tools are helpful. In this post, we will discuss, why ADA compliance is important and how to use a tool to prevent a non-accessible website from getting sued.
What is ADA compliance and why do you need it?
The US Department of Justice released a letter in September2018 which reinforced the interpretation of the application of accessibility guidelines to public places. Now, the World Wide Consortium of Accessibility Guidelines have become mandatory which implies that technology access should not be available only to one sense. Regardless of their disability, every business website must adhere to Section 508 and be operable, perceivable and accessible in a robust way by every individual. Assistive technologies, easy navigation, screen readers and varied other features make a website accessible and ADA compliant.
A website that fails to meet the above mentioned standards not only can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees, but can prevent prospective customers from accessing whatever it is you are selling . To prevent losing money in lawsuits and going bankrupt, it is important to check your website for ADA compliance. Businesses need to get proactive and create the first line of defence by using theADA website checker.
What is an ADA website checker?
The significant increase in lawsuits shows that businesses are taking the accessibility issues lightly. Avoid doing it and use the best practices to steer clear of the risks of penalties and litigation.
  • ADA website compliant checker is an evaluation system that runs a set of programs on a given URL address.
  • These tools are efficient to identify varied WCAG guideline errors in a website.
  • Anyone can run these scans on their websites as most of the tools can test accessibility in varied browser extensions.
  • These tools work best to identify the errors in enterprise level websites. Errors related to dynamic pages, password protected pages and tracking and reporting of accessibility can be scanned easily with such evaluation software runs.
How to ensure site-wide accessibility monitoring?
To ensure barrier free access to your existing and potential customers, you need to pick a trusted and highly reviewed evaluation system. Free to use ADA website compliant checkerscan be found easily online.
All you need is to enter the URL of your business website in the space provided by the website accessibility checker. The automated and high performing software scans are a quick way to find and fix accessibility issues. After free registration, you get instant analysis and your accessibility score. You can either monitor and fix the issues on your ownor seek additional support for ADA compliance via manualaudits.
Manual audits are the safest practice to ensure site-wide monitoring and accessibility as per WCAG guidelines. To make sure your business is protected, you can start with software scans and when you get the results, you can make an informed decision to get help from certified and highly trained auditors.
Bottom line
Using free accessibility tools is a good place to start, however, there are a wide number of disabilities that can be missed by software runs; they also can provide false positives. To ensure 100% protection against lawsuits, find a mix of free tools and ADA compliance manualaudits. For more information, visit the link given below.