What are the Causes And Cures of Hangover Headache?

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What are the Causes And Cures of Hangover Headache?

Posted By Jena thorpes     October 23, 2021    


It’s interesting to see what a dictionary would say about being having a hangover, or even a medical encyclopedia. A combination of unpleasant and disagreeable physical symptoms following heavy alcohol consumption is called a hangover. In simple words, When you wake up feeling bad after drinking too much is also refer as a hangover. 


What is the reason behind a hangover headache?


In a more complex way, the hangover is driven by alcohol interfering with your body’s natural balance of chemicals. The effects of hangovers are seen as the signs from our body trying to tell us that something is wrong or it needs medication. Hangovers are also be driven by how alcohol disturbs your immunity system and it also results in hangover headache


  • At the moment, one of the most compelling theories is that hangovers result from a buildup of acetaldehyde, a toxic compound, in the body which is very harmful to the liver. 


  • Acetaldehyde is the very first byproduct as the body processes alcohol and it’s estimated to be 30 times more toxic and harmful than alcohol itself. The slow digestion of alcohol happens due to the presence of acetaldehyde affects the liver. 


What are the Causes of Hangover Headache?


Here are some conditions that result in such conditions which are listed below:


  1. For some people, a condition called vasodilation cause headaches. In this condition widening of blood vessels occur. 
  2. Ethanol increases the amount of water and salt lost by the body as it is a natural diuretic. Through the kidneys, it causes the body to excrete salt, minerals, and vitamins that result in chemical imbalances and dehydration that is responsible for Causes Hangover Headache 
  3. There are some other chemicals called congeners in some alcoholic beverages. These provide specific tastes and flavors to beverages. They contribute to the release of hormones and can cause headaches. 


What is the cure for hangovers? 


Here are some tips you can use to cure or prevent a hangover: 


  1. While you drink eat something- Eat before, while, and after drinking. Alcohol will lead to a drop in sugar levels. Moreover, most people do not eat properly while they are drinking, which further leads to lower sugar levels in the blood. Carbs and juice are a way to levels back to normal. 


  1. Fruits- You need to consume Vitamin C-rich fruits in plenty in the morning after alcohol consumption to free yourself from a hangover. Fruits like mango, papaya, kiwi, and watermelon are rich in Vitamin C which can help you release the hangover. 


  1. Oral rehydration therapy- You can drink Ors when you wake up that also works as hangover oral rehydration therapy and throughout the day after as needed. In your body, this reestablishes the fluid-electrolyte balance. Do more of what you love and take back the time lost to hangovers. 


  1. Coconut water- Potassium and natural sugars are present in coconut water that instantly hydrate the body which makes it an excellent choice for hangovers. 

Article Source : https://besthydrationdrinks.blogspot.com/2021/10/what-are-causes-and-cures-of-hangover.html