Buy a mattress and choose a reputable brand

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Buy a mattress and choose a reputable brand

Posted By bea mattressfabric     September 13, 2018    


One-third of life is spent in sleep. The four signs that measure people's "healthy sleep" are: adequate sleep, sufficient time, good quality, high efficiency; easy to fall asleep; sleep continuously, without interruption; Deep sleep, wake up and tired.As a result, function mattress fabrics  are constantly evolving, surpassing consumer expectations over and over again.

The quality of sleep is closely related to the mattress. Consumers can choose from the mattress's permeability, decompression, support, serviceability, bed tension, sleep temperature and sleep humidity. Buy a mattress of the right type and quality.

Because each person's specific conditions are different, such as weight, height, fat and thin, personal living habits, preferences, etc., people should choose the mattress according to their specific conditions and the local climate and personal economic income conditions. . The most basic requirement is to maintain the lumbar lordosis when lying on the back, and the body curve is normal; when the side is lying, the lumbar spine is not bent and the side bend is dominant.

The best choice of mattress should start with the function of the mattress. The function of the mattress is to ensure that the consumer gets a healthy and comfortable sleep. There are two criteria for a good mattress: one is that the spine can maintain a straight stretch regardless of the sleeping position; the other is that the pressure is equal, and the person lying on the whole body can be fully relaxed.

When buying a mattress, don't look at the color or price. Choose a reputable brand to ensure the after-sales service. In fact, the most important thing is the quality of the mattress itself and the people who use the mattress. This will ensure the quality and comfort of the mattress you have purchased.

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