World of Warcraft's first new underground city
    • Last updated October 22, 2019
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World of Warcraft's first new underground city

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     October 22, 2019    


World of Warcraft's first new underground city



Since the release of "World of Warcraft Classic" by Blizzard in August, the first update of the Warcraft Classic has arrived. The new dungeon of "The Doom of Doom" was officially released on the 15th of this month. For this update, more is the cheers and climax of the old players. Because these old players have mostly started playing World of Warcraft more than a decade ago, witnessing that World of Warcraft has become mature and perfect step by step.



Warcraft Classic has restored Blizzard and its popular mmo game to a very primitive state. This has aroused the interest of many new players. The influx of a large number of players has made the old players look at the early World of Warcraft experience, but also attracted the attention of new players.



The original version of Warcraft is actually quite different in its entire life cycle, but this does not affect the addition and update of new features. Its modern retail version of the game is similar to the classic version of the game in every upgrade.



For the classic version of the game, Blizzard has planned a follow-up update for each step at the beginning of World of Warcraft. The official game team roughly divided the update of the classic version into six phases, the structure and the current progress of the current retail version of the game. Very similar.


Dire Maul is a five-person dungeon found in Feralas designed for 58-60 players, offering some of the most powerful equipment players can find before a raid. In addition to the new drop, Dire Maul also offers some valuable props to power the player before the raid. In fact, this updated dungeon was originally launched along with the second part, while the second part of the online line is expected to include some new things, such as: world leaders Azuregos and Kazzak, and PvP and PvP level rewards. Honor system. However, the version of "The Doom" has now officially released as players, and the rest of the second phase will not be released at the end of this year at the latest.


 WOW Classic Gold

Blizzard has yet to announce a specific timeline for each content phase of World of Warcraft, but as the first game progresses rapidly in the first two years before the first expansion of the Burning Crusade, Classic will follow a similar timeline. For more information on equipment and Warcraft Gold, please click