5 Healthy Foods For Your Doggo - 2021 Guide
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5 Healthy Foods For Your Doggo - 2021 Guide

Posted By Larry Andrew     October 24, 2021    


The concept of emotional support animals is still not widely accepted in our society. People are not ready to accept the ESA letter for housing fact that humans can benefit from animals. But it is a reality that we all should accept that animals can actually help us and be our best companions. 



To get an esa, one only needs to get a legit esa letter from a mental health specialist. Once you get this letter, you can do other preparations to bring in your esa doggo. 


Being an esa owner you need to know something most importantly. You need to know how you can take care of your esa in different ways. You need to make a reasonable space in your home for it. You need to make a proper diet plan for it and schedule regular visits to the vet. 


Keep in mind that the health of your esa is THE most important thing. If your esa dog is found in bad health, it is highly probable that your emotional support animal letter might get canceled. 


In this article, you will find a very informative and interesting thing. We have gathered a little information about the foods that you can feed to your esa dog. We all know well that dogs love to eat different kinds of food. This article will surely help you to decide which fruit you can feed to your dog and what is the right way to do it. 


Before that, we would like to mention that it is very important to monitor the diet of your dog as they have a sensitive digestive system and can get sick easily. The sickness mostly revolves around an upset stomach, vomiting, and of course diarrhea. All such conditions are disgusting not just for you but also for the people living around you. Severe consequences may cause you trouble regarding your esa letter for housing.


Anyways, let’s dive and see which fruits you can feed to your esa dog as a treat.  



  • Peaches


Peaches are great for humans and for pet animals. They are nutrients rich, and a great treat during summertime. Like many other fruits, they have a significant amount of antioxidants that helps them to fight against inflammatory diseases. Also, they are a very good source of many vital vitamins like A, E, and most importantly B-complex.


Peaches are many other nutrients and elements that help dogs to maintain a good blood flow and for pumping important nutrients to different parts of the body. Moreover, doggies need to have a good amount of iron in their diet and peaches can definitely provide them with that too. 



  • Pears


Pears are crunchy, sweet, and very beneficial for the better health of your doggo. 


There are uncountable reasons why you should feed pears to your dogs. They are full of so many vitamins essential nutrients that are highly important for your dog’s better health. 


Pears also have vitamin C that is the key to your dog’s strong immune system. Moreover, just a few slices of this fruit will fulfill any deficiency of potassium in your esa dog. Another important element that pears have is the magnesium that is excessively found in pears. 


Remember that eating too many pears can cause diarrhea or other issues to an emotional support dog. 


Apart from all this information, there are several other things that you should do along with looking for an authentic emotional support dog letter. You should get your esa dog tested for different allergies. This will make your job even easier and you will know in advance which fruit or food you can give to your dog.  




  • Pineapple


Pineapples are not just sweet and juicy but can also help in improving the health of your dog. This fruit is rich in many vitamins and essential minerals. The most significant thing about pineapples is that it helps the body of your dog to make their own vitamin C. 


In addition to this, pineapples can also help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. There are a few things that you should consider while feeding your dog on pineapple. Make sure to remove the crown of the fruit as it can get stuck in the dog’s throat and can cause choking.  




  • Strawberry


Strawberries are a delicious fruit that you and your dog can both enjoy during a fine summer day. These berries also have high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins and are low on calories. This makes them a perfect snack for your foodie dog.  


Along with that, they have elements that can help in boosting the immune system of your dog. On top of that, strawberries have a good amount of vitamin K, which is very beneficial in regulating the blood flow of your dog and prevents all types of blood clotting.  


Make sure that you do not feed canned strawberries to your dog as they have preservatives that can harm your dog’s health. 



  • Watermelon


After a long walk on a summer day, your dog would definitely want a refreshing treat. A nice slice of watermelon would do your work and refresh your esa doggo instantly. Watermelon is composed of over 90% moisture, so along with being a great snack, it also helps in preventing your dog from dehydration.


Along with being refreshing, it is also very healthy and contains many nutrients that include vitamin B6, Vitamin A, and B1.


While you are looking for an ESA Letter, you should also look for other fruits that are beneficial for your esa dog. Fruits are very healthy and must be fed to the animals for good health. 


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