You Should Know The Eco-alternative Bedding Fabrics

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You Should Know The Eco-alternative Bedding Fabrics

Posted By yisheng jack     October 26, 2021    


The sustainability of your wardrobe goes beyond your official and casual wear. Your bedroom wardrobe needs to be sustainable as well, and there is no shortage of eco-friendly Bedding Fabric.

It is one of the most natural fibres from the cotton plant, whose usage spans for centuries. What makes it eco-alternative bedding and sleepwear fabric? Well, apart from being a natural product that grows in abundance, it is also biodegradable. Cotton fabric is an excellent fabric choice for bedding and sleepwear because it is lightweight, soft, breathable, easy to wash, and durable.
There are different types of cotton, with some types being more durable and softer than the others.

Egyptian cotton, for example, is the softest and most luxurious cotton. Pima cotton ranks second in terms of quality and its softness while American upland cotton (100% cotton) has a lower quality but is still soft.

If you are not looking for a vegan fabric, then wool is a good choice. It is an animal-based fabric and is an excellent eco-friendly choice. Wool is a natural and renewable resource from the hair of sheep or goats. Here is what makes wool an excellent fabric choice for your beddings and sleepwear: it is soft, and makes for an excellent insulator wicks moisture. It is also highly breathable. There are variants of wool in the market, and some will cause itchiness.
The best wool to go for is the Merino wool, which is very popular in sleepwear, activewear, and underwear.

It is a natural and highly renewable fabric from the silkworm cocoons. As a natural fabric, silk does not require any harsh chemical dyes.
The softness and luxurious look of the silk fibres is what we all desire in our wardrobe. So, why not include that royal look in your bedroom as well and enjoy a comfy night of sleep while at it? Silk is also strong, lightweight, and an excellent thermoregulator, meaning it will keep you warm or cold at night, depending on the temperatures. However, you will need to dig deeper into your pockets to
maintain this fabric. To maintain the durability and luxurious feel, you will need to regularly dry-clean your silk bedding and sleepwear.

This is also a luxurious fabric but is excellent bedding and sleepwear fabric for anyone living in hot areas or during the summer. Linen is a plant-based fabric from the flax plant fibres. It is a natural and eco-friendly fabric. Linen is excellent bedding and sleepwear fabric thanks to its breathability and softness. It is also cool, durable, and stronger than cotton.The downside is that it wrinkles quite easily, but with regular ironing, you are good to go.

Ultimately, there are quite a few options for eco-friendly bedding and sleepwear fabrics. Some are more breathable than others, but that does not mean they are not good. You can spice up your bedroom with more than one type of eco fabrics and use them depending on the season. Regardless of your choices,ensure the fabric suits your style and helps you have a comfortable night.

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