Hose Fittings Wholesalers Introduces How To Use Hoses

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Hose Fittings Wholesalers Introduces How To Use Hoses

Posted By cnshunda yuyao     October 27, 2021    



The hose is an important part of modern industry. The hose is mainly used as a wire and cable protection tube for wires, cables, automatic instrument signals, and civil shower hoses, with specifications ranging from 3mm to 150mm. Small-caliber hoses (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) are mainly used for sensor circuit protection of precision optical scales and industrial sensor circuit protection. Below, the Hose Fittings Wholesalers introduces the characteristics of the hose:

1. Flexible spacing.

2. It has good flexibility, does not block, and has good rigidity.

3. Lightweight and good caliber consistency.

4. Good flexibility, repeated bendability, and flexibility.

5. Good corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance.

6. Anti-rat bite, good abrasion resistance, and prevent internal wires from abrasion.

7. Strong resistance to bending, tension, and lateral pressure.

8. Soft and smooth, easy to thread and install and locate.