What is the most suitable size for the cobblestone sander?

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What is the most suitable size for the cobblestone sander?

Posted By Zenith Crusher     October 27, 2019    


The cobblestone sand making machine is specially used to produce the mechanism sand, that is, the sandstone raw material is crushed to a certain fineness to be qualified, such as the 3mm fine sand commonly used in the market. This new type of sand making machine has undergone many times of practice verification and technical improvement, so it can adjust the fineness of discharge according to the customer's wishes, in line with the development trend of the modern construction industry.
With the continuous growth of science and technology, our cobblestone sand making machine has already realized automatic operation, which greatly reduced the labor input during the production of machine sand and the problems caused by insufficient manpower. Dayu Heavy Industry is very responsible to say: As long as you are a clear-headed user, you can easily control the cobblestone sand making machine regardless of your academic qualifications, so that it can exert its remarkable effect. Despite this, there are some problems in the use of the sand making machine that the user can't figure it out. It is like “the smaller the raw material entering the cobblestone sand making machine, the better?” This problem has some misunderstandings in many customers' minds.
As we all know, the size of pebbles is different. When we mined, we use 5-10cm of raw materials. If we have larger particle size, we can use coarse crusher and then put it into cobblestone sander. Why is it 5-10cm? If the particle size of the raw material is smaller, can it not reduce the working pressure of the sand making machine, thereby increasing the output and reducing the loss?
In fact, the reason why the cobblestone sand making machine can play an excellent mechanism sand crushing effect is because of the internal pattern. Under this feature, the rotor drives the hammer head to rotate at a high speed, and the cobblestone material in the action area is subjected to impact crushing. If the particle size of the cobblestone material is too small, the chance of encountering the hammer is reduced, and the effect will definitely decrease. After the analysis and research of Dayu Heavy Industry cobblestone sand making machine manufacturer, the pulverization effect can reach the best state when the cobblestone raw material particle size is kept at 5-10cm.
Here, the user is reminded that if the raw material contains a small amount of pebbles larger than 5-10cm, as long as the feed port of the sand making machine allows passage, it can directly enter the crushing. If the quantity is large and the particle size is large, the jaw crusher must be used. Broken equipment. In addition, if the user's funds are not under pressure, a rough breaking program can be added in front of the cobblestone sand making machine. This method has a good effect on avoiding loss.