Some predictions for the upcoming BlizzCon 2019
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Some predictions for the upcoming BlizzCon 2019

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     October 28, 2019    


Some predictions for the upcoming BlizzCon 2019



After the BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard's performance did not bring much surprise to both the players and the market. The market response was flat and the fans were greatly reduced. In such a controversy, Blizzard also tried to find a breakthrough. In the next BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard is trying to surprise the players.



Will the next updated version of World of Warcraft be?



For this guess, most of the loyal gamers think it should be Long Island or Shadow, or both may appear in the next version. For hardcore World of Warcraft players, these predictions are not exciting, because with their knowledge of Blizzard, it has been able to determine the general update direction of the next version. Considering the direction of the Battle of Azeroth is amazing, N'Zoth has now been released to the scourge, and dragons like Wrathion will be the focus of the next patch. If you are currently lacking World of Warcraft gold, you can purchase it by clicking There are also special offers waiting for you to participate.



For those who have no experience, there are rumors that "Little Dragon Island" is a temple built for the ancient gods (such as N'Zoth), which should have been included in the burning expedition. They were replaced until the Battle of Azeroth. Look for their whereabouts with Wrathion, the Black Dragon Prince. Considering that the main continent of World of Warcraft has been completely mapped, forcing recent expansions to occur on lost islands, which are easy to find.

 MMOWTS Halloween Event

But there are still some messages that are known to be deliberately leaked, causing players to stubbornly believe that "The Land of Shadows" may also be the background of the latest expansion. This alternate plane of existence is the realm of death and decay, a leak this summer shows that the land of shadows will be the boundary of the new war between the old gods and the remnants of the Alliance and the Horde, all of which are in a war. Was killed.