How To Prevent Your Varicose Veins During Pregnancy?
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    • Last updated October 31, 2021
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How To Prevent Your Varicose Veins During Pregnancy?

Posted By Adrian Willson     October 31, 2021    


At the time of pregnancy, it is pretty much sure that women will develop veins. And nowadays womens are not ready to compromise with their beauty. So now pregnancy will make them wonder about their varicose veins. Also, several questions arise like Do you have varicose veins in your first pregnancy? Or if your mother or sister will have these veins when they are pregnant? And some people are still worried about the treatment. Then you just need to know that there are several treatments available for these veins. 


Yes, it is a fact that pregnancy will increase the chance of developing varicose veins on the legs. But also at the same time, there are certain methods to prevent them. 


What are varicose veins? 

Varicose veins are bloated veins that may bump on the skin. These veins sometimes look like rope and wavy appear, in different colors like red, blue or purple. Generally, they appear on legs, but at the time of pregnancy, they are shown in pelvic areas. 


Several womens develop varicose veins and know that they are poor at the time of pregnancy. The womens will not have comfort from these veins instead their legs will be achy and heavy. The varicose veins signs will be throbbing, burning, or full of itchiness. The varicose vein treatment should be provided by the doctors in the vein clinic. 



Changes During pregnancy!


If this is your first pregnancy then you must know about the changes which occur in your body. And these changes will sometimes lead to varicose veins. 


Here are some changes that occur during pregnancy- 

Blood increases - at the time of pregnancy, the blood in a woman's body increases. And this means there will be more blood in veins which makes strains on vein walls and valves. 

Progesterone - this hormone is very important for pregnant womens and in pregnancy, this is increased. This will also help veins to get relaxed. Blood will not move easily with these veins. And this will lead blood to build up and the veins will get pressure because of this and the veins will get enlarged. 

Pressure from the uterus - The developing fetus within the uterus will push the organs and veins in the abdomen.  


Tips on Prevention!

If you are pregnant and want to minimize or prevent your varicose veins then given below are some of the tips states by the vein doctor near me which you can follow- 

Don’t cross your legs and ankles while sitting. 

Avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy. 

Regular exercise or a small walk will enhance your circulation. 

Wear your pantyhose in pregnancy as this will be more comfortable. 


Do not stand or sit for long hours. It is important to take some frequent breaks to roam around. 

Do watch your weight as gaining weight is normal in pregnancy but stop it from gaining too quickly. As it will not be good for veins. 

Sleep on your left side as it will relieve the pressure on your veins. 

Hence, the above information of varicose veins prevention at the time of pregnancy. And if these prevention won’t work then you must need to consider visiting the best vein specialist near me who will guide you through the various therapies of vein treatment. 

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