FIFA 22 Rulebreakers - How to get Rulebreakers Michail Antonio Card?

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FIFA 22 Rulebreakers - How to get Rulebreakers Michail Antonio Card?

Posted By Millson Adam     November 1, 2021    


If you are a fan of Michail Antonio, then the challenge rewards that EA has added to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team this week will surely make you excited. The reward is an 84-rated Rulebreakers Michail Antonio Card. Compared with his 79-rated gold card, all attributes have been greatly improved.

In order to provide players with different gameplay methods for participating in the FIFA 22 Coins event, The Rulebreakers promo has upgraded skills beyond the players' expectations. In fact, this is also Antonio’s first card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Compared with his 79-rated gold card, the biggest change for Rulebreakers Michail Antonio is that his Shooting has increased by 12 and his Physical has decreased by 4. In addition, most of his attributes have been improved to a normal level, such as his Passing (+5), Dribbling (+5), and Pace (+4).

Of course, you can further improve his metagaming skills so that his various abilities can keep up with his Shooting upgrade. All you need to do is apply the engine chemistry style to improve his Shooting (+6), Dribbling (+6), and Pace (+5). It is worth noting that the devs kept his four-star weak foot and three-star skill moves.

In order to get this special card, you need to complete four specific goals in Live FUT Friendly: Red Links mode. Of course, these goals are easy to accomplish, and you don't need to win the game.
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There are 5 days before the end of The Rulebreakers promo, you need to complete these goals before then to get the card. In addition, you can also get some extra surprise rewards, including a 75+ rated rare player pack, one gold pack, two players pack, and a small electrum players pack.

The specific four goals are as follows, please Buy FIFA 22 Coins complete them in Live FUT Friendly: Red Links mode:
Friendly Finery: Score a finesse goal in 11 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.
On The Head: Score three headers in the Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.
Physical Passer: Assist four goals using players with minimum of 75 Physical in the Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.
Go For Glory: Win by a minimum of two goals in four separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Red Links.

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