Weapons In New World Need To Be Changed

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Weapons In New World Need To Be Changed

Posted By Claus Oliver     November 5, 2021    


In New World, players can use different weapon combinations according to their own ideas. In this game, there are 11 weapons for players to choose. Players can strengthen our character by combining different weapons.

So weapons are very important in this game. Players need to choose among 11 weapons in New World. However, as we continue to dive into this game, we will find that these weapons do not satisfy us, and they will always have some shortcomings. So how can we improve these weapons to make them more powerful? Let's introduce them to you.

New World's Dexterity Weapons Need Buffs

At the moment, the weapons that are looked at to be awful in New World are all those based on Dexterity, which suggests the Spear, the Rapier, the Bow, and the Musket. This is due to the fact that they commonly tend to either do not have the damage, crowd command potentials, convenience, or even self-sustain abilities to offset rigorous damages coming from challenging combatants in PvE or other gamers in PvP. Normally communicating, these weapons often tend to be concentrated on a mix of altercation playstyle and small debuffs to give a lot of the damage with turnings that lessen cooldowns or damages with time.

The Musket tends to go through one of the most in all cases due to it targeting and also calling for consistent reloads for headshots to maximize harm, as well as its skillset is being without variety and also performance. The exact same puts on the Bow, yet drawing arrows is much less difficult than reloading the Musket with bullets, and the Bow has stronger skills that assist its planned playstyle shine much more. The Rapier is planned to be played with combos of strikes that apply bleeds on adversaries and after that eat them for big hits or experimenting with steers clear of as well as counterattacks, which at times feels like a less reliable Sword and Shield build.

The Spear is actually the final Dexterity weapon to cover, as well as it is actually extremely well versed in administering group command to foes, yet they work versus a singular opponent, and also DPS with the Spear is actually still not on the same level along with weapons like the Hatchet or the Great Axe. In general, none of the Dexterity weapons excels at everything in particular, as well as they are actually mostly thought about to become below average alternatives in many tasks. Yet another large concern with Dexterity weapons is that they advertise a playstyle that's even more focused on movement, and also they would undoubtedly benefit the most from the 20% damage fan arising from putting on Light Armor, however New World may be punishing for those who do not make use of Heavy Armor, rather.

This indicates that this category is actually the one that requires the best changes away from all others, possibly by buffing the harm boost from Light and Medium Armor. This doesn't suggest that New World's various other weapons need to be nerfed, nonetheless, however somewhat that non-Strength weapons ought to be raised on the same level along with them for utility and also DPS identical.
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