Rongli shares the color and mood of bedding with you
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Rongli shares the color and mood of bedding with you

Posted By bea mattressfabric     September 16, 2018    


Bedding varies from process to process: printing, embroidering, jacquard, etc. A variety of color patterns make people feel a variety of feelings, but also can cultivate people's sentiments. The color of different beddings creates different emotions, which causes people's mood to change. As well as pillowcase samples and woven jacquard mats.

Rongli Company has investigated the color of bedding and the mental health of people. The investigation found that the red bedding gives people happiness and enthusiasm. It makes people feel warm and full, and stimulates the emotion of love. The yellow bedding brings happiness and brightness, making people happy and full of joy. If your bed is in a green bedding collection, there will be peace, which will make your heart feel calm, calm and gentle.

If enterprises and institutions need to order bedding, Rongli recommends you use blue bedding, please accept it happily, because this color of bedding can give people a quiet, cool, comfortable feeling, making people happy. . But if any bedding manufacturer recommends gray bedding to you, please pay attention, because it will make people feel depressed and empty. There is also black bedding, which is usually a black-printed four-piece bedding that makes people feel solemn, depressed and sad. However, if you choose white bedding, it will give people a sense of elegance, purity, and lightness, and the general staff dormitory bedding is basically a white series. In short, the color of various bedding products will have a certain impact on people's emotions, and make people's psychological activities change.

The color of the bedding has a certain influence on the pulse and grip of the person. Some foreign scholars have done experiments to prove that the pulse is normal in the room with yellow bedding, the pulse is slower in the room with blue bedding, and the pulse is very fast in the room with red bedding. obvious. French physiologists have found that under the illumination of red light, the grip strength of humans is doubled than usual, and under the illumination of orange-yellow light, the grip strength of the hand is half-fold stronger than usual.

It can be seen that the color of bedding can not only affect people's emotions, but also affect people's health.

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