Hydraulic Adapters Suppliers Introduces The Role Of Working Medium

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Hydraulic Adapters Suppliers Introduces The Role Of Working Medium

Posted By cnshunda yuyao     November 8, 2021    


The hydraulic system is composed of five parts: power components (oil pump), executive components (cylinders or hydraulic motors), control components (various valves), auxiliary components and working medium. Below, Hydraulic Adapters Suppliers will introduce the functions of these components:

1. Power element (oil pump) Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into hydraulic energy; it is the power part of hydraulic transmission.
2. Actuating components (cylinders, hydraulic motors) It converts the hydraulic energy of the liquid into mechanical energy. Among them, the cylinder moves in a straight line and the motor moves in a rotary motion.

3. Control components include pressure valves, flow valves and directional valves. Their function is to steplessly adjust the speed of the hydraulic motor according to the needs, and to adjust and control the pressure, flow and flow direction of the working fluid in the hydraulic system.

4. Auxiliary components other than the above three parts, including pressure gauges, oil filters, energy storage devices, coolers, pipe fittings {mainly include: various pipe joints (flared, welded, ferrule, sae Flanges), high-pressure ball valves, quick-change joints, hose assemblies, pressure measuring joints, pipe clamps, etc., and fuel tanks are also very important.

5. Working medium Working medium refers to hydraulic oil or emulsion in various hydraulic transmissions, which realize energy conversion through oil pump and hydraulic motor. The hydraulic system realizes movement and power transmission through the medium.