Some tricks you should know about WoW Classic
    • Last updated October 31, 2019
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Some tricks you should know about WoW Classic

Posted By Hélodie Jaqucline     October 31, 2019    


The World of Warcraft classic has been released for two months, and countless players have poured into the server to pursue the feeling of nostalgia. But there are also some new players waiting, they don't want to spend hours waiting in the queue, and finally find out that this is not the game they want. Simply put, if you are an old player and like nostalgia, this version will definitely rekindle your enthusiasm! You can get a 8% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on MMOWTS's official website using the coupon code "HALLOWEEN". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

The release of WoW Classic allows players to return to Vanilla World of Warcraft 15 years ago, which is significantly different from the modern WoW game mode. But the corresponding player will have a lot of questions: Which patch is the first version of WoW Classic based on? How can I bring the most interesting content of Vanilla Warcraft into the game within a few updates? Does it cost a lot to play WoW Classic? Keep reading this article and you can get answers to the questions you most want to know.

Is WoW Classic worth a lot of time for beginners?
The current modern WoW has been developed very well in the content of the game, and any beginner can completely experience all the content in the game in a single person. But if you want to experience the most original World of Warcraft and want to meet more new friends for a common adventure, the release of WoW Classic is a rare opportunity for you. Although you need to spend a lot of time in the game to upgrade or collect the Gold needed to buy a mount. But believe me, the happiness and sense of accomplishment you gain in this process will make you feel that everything is worth it.
If you want to learn more about the game content, you can check out some reviews about WoW Classic.

What server should beginners choose?
First of all, you should avoid the overpopulated servers that Blizzard warned, otherwise you will most likely waste most of your time in the queue. In general, you need to choose between PvP and PvE options. If you prefer to fight against other players and experience the feeling of victory, you can choose PvP server. If you prefer to work with other players to kill powerful monsters, then the PvE server is your best choice.
Keep in mind that for most servers, the current queue is very long in the local night - usually extended to two hours or more. So if you want to play the game when you get home from work, either be prepared to wait, or find a way to log in before you rush in the evening.

If you need the cheap WoW Classic Gold, then MMOWTS will be your best choice. More and more players are going to MMOWTS to buy WoW Classic Gold. Not only because their prices are cheaper, but their website is very secure, and there are customer service to answer your questions about the order. Halloween is coming, MMOWTS also has a discount event. Use the coupon code "Halloween" on the order checkout to enjoy an 8% discount on payment!