How to quickly reach the maximum level of 60 in the new MMO New World
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How to quickly reach the maximum level of 60 in the new MMO New World

Posted By Wu Lin     November 9, 2021    


Finally, a new world has appeared, and many players are attempting to reach the highest possible level as quickly as they can. We'd like to tell you how to get toNW gold for sale 60 as quickly as possible in this guide.

Power levels ranging from 1 to 60, with the following overview:

Levels 1-5: It is critical that you follow the main storyline on each beach in order to complete the first level successfully.

Continuing the main story until you have joined a faction is the goal of levels 5-9.

Levels 9-18: You will continue to follow the main story until you obtain the Azoth staff, and you will also complete missions for factions, side quests, and the city during this time. PvP missions award the most experience points.

You essentially continue to follow the main storyline from levels 18 to 30 of the game.  If you are traveling with a group, you should farm the Dungeon Amrhein Expedition as much as you possibly can at this point in time. Alternatively, you can participate in world events starting at level 25.

Level 30-40: Continue to follow the main storyline. You can complete the dungeon "The Destroyed Obelisk" with a group, or you can complete the world events between levels 25 and 35 as a solo player.

Levels 40-50 are devoted to the main story. When playing in a group, the dungeon "The Depth" is recommended; when playing alone, quests in the Unsteady Coast area and world events are recommended.

Level 50-60: The main story and the dungeon "The shipyard of the dynasty" are both accessible at this level. Alternatively, world events that are taking place in the Bruchberg area.

Getting to level 60 as quickly as possible requires a combination of the main story, dungeons, and farming world events (the so-called "Breaches of Corruption"), which are all completed in one sitting.

Within this guide, we will go into greater detail about the specifics of all of the level phases and the world events.

Some general guidelines for leveling up in New World: You create a character and use it to complete quests and defeat monsters. There are experience points available for doing so. You will need to collect these in order to progress from level 1 to a maximum of level 60 in the game.

It is possible to earn more experience points by employing a few simple strategies.

Basically, if you have PvP enabled, you will gain 10% more experience points.

In the settlements, there is a faction board where you can accept or decline missions. The PvP missions also provide more experience points in this case.

In order to save time when completing faction quests, choose the ones that are the shortest to complete.

As you progress through your adventures, you level up the various areas. You can choose between bonuses for additional XP (if available) or for more reputation, which will allow you to unlock new bonuses more quickly.

Picking up lore pages grants experience points and can be completed in a flash. Whenever you come across a new page, remember to save it!

A "rested" bonus is available if you haven't been online for an extended period of time.

This is how it works: there are power levels ranging from 1 to 60.

Levels 1 through 5:During the tutorial, you can save some time by pressing Escape, and then selecting "Skip to new world gold for sale" from the game menu to proceed directly to the cheap NW coins. You will save some time by doing this, but you will lose a free level for your sword and shield weapon.

It is critical that you complete all quests while on the beach, and that you also bring the small quest with you on your journey to the first city. Creating all four tools and collecting 40 wood, 40 stone, and 16 rawhide at the beginning makes sense as well. You'll need it for a quest you'll be doing in town.

Apart from this quest, however, you are prohibited from collecting raw materials, with the exception of harvesting, unless you are completing it. You'll need them later on, when you reach level 30. So make sure to collect the hemp while you're out and about!

Levels 5-9: During these levels, you will primarily be completing tutorial quests until you have joined a particular faction.

Aim for the city of Windkreis at this point, regardless of where you began your journey. Level 9-18:There is a significant amount of content related to the main story that takes place there. Once you reach level 12, you can take on side quests and faction missions until you reach level 12.

From level 12 onwards, you'll be following the main storyline once more. Keep up with the main story level by completing faction missions in the surrounding area. The Azoth staff will be awarded to you when you reach level 18.

As you progress through the main story, try to collect as many fast travel points as you can and visit as many cities as you can in the surrounding area. Throughout history, you will be on the move a lot.

You essentially continue to follow the main storyline from levels 18 to 30 of the game.  The Amrhein Expedition Dungeon can also be reached via this route.

The side quest Towering Tools (via NewWorldFans) can be accepted from level 21 onwards, and as part of this quest series, you will be given an additional quest for the dungeon.

In Immerfall, there is another side quest called "Led By Stars" (via NewWorldFans) that starts at level 23 and takes you into the dungeon as a reward.

If you are traveling with a group, you should farm the Dungeon Amrhein Expedition as much as you possibly can at this point in time.  You will, however, require an orb to gain access each time. Another orb can be obtained by completing the quest "Led By Stars."If you're still not sure, you can look for other random groups to accompany you to the dungeon.

If you prefer to play as a solo player, you can complete world events from level 25 onwards or take on tasks from settlements once more. They provide a large amount of XP and are excellent for farming.

Levels 30-40: Continue with the main story in the usual manner. In this case, you will be taken to the dungeon "The Destroyed Obelisk."You should also farm this dungeon to the best of your ability, despite the fact that you get far fewer orbs here.

At the end of the main story, faction missions, and world events, you should re-play the entire game from level 35 onward. From level 35 onward, you will have no trouble devoting your time to the portals.

Levels 40-50: Your main storyline continues after you reach level 40. This path leads to the dungeon known as "The Depth."From level 39 onward, there is a side quest called "Pirtales will Pirate" (which can be obtained through NewWorldFans), which also leads to the dungeon.

Once again, you should farm the dungeon to the greatest extent possible.

Alternatively, you can participate in quests and events in the Unsteady Coast region.

Level 50-53: It is a good idea to grind as a solo player in the area known as "Big Rift" at this point. There are a large number of opponents in the northern part of the city, which makes leveling up relatively quick. This is also where the majority of the action takes place in the story.

If you prefer, you can re-enact world events in the same location.

During levels 50-60, you will be following the main storyline, which will take you first to the "Great Rift" and later to the "Bruchberg."The dungeon "The shipyard of the dynasty" is available starting at level 53.

However, once you reach level 50, you will be able to participate in PvE invasions of fortresses and enter instanced arenas, where you will be required to fight a boss. The quests for this arena, on the other hand, are only available to players who have reached level 57.

How long does it take to level the ground? With a good group of friends, you can complete levels 1 to 50 in approximately 25 hours of gameplay. When you reach this level, you'll have access to almost all of the content in new world gold . If you want to reach the maximum level of 60, you will have to put in some additional effort.