Real Players versus Pretend Players (or PUA's)
    • Last updated November 11, 2021
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Real Players versus Pretend Players (or PUA's)

Posted By Ann Sderty     November 11, 2021    


Going through the Loveawake dating site blog again, and I see yet another post about guys getting tooled for being "PUA's" players or whatever. And I have a burning feeling that many of the "PUA's" know exactly what I'm talking about.

Ever worry about someone revealing your secret "identity" as a player, pick-up artist, or whatever in front of non-"community"friends? I'm talking to you. Ever worry about losing a girl if she finds out that you're a "PUA"? I'm talking to you. What about being afraid of guys asking you questions about women in front of anyone you happen to be talking to? Yes, this post is also for you:

Gene Simmons, Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen. Cool guys, right? Possibly you, most other PUA's, and some players. The exact opposite. What do all the above guys have in common? You all are seeking to sleep with multiple women, if you haven't done so already. The difference? The first three guys have strong "frames", so to speak, while the latter are weak individuals.

Why is it that the first three guys are praised by both men and women, and people seldom confront them head-on about sleeping with multiple women? I'll tell you why:

They have strong frames

In other words, they make it clear through their body language and tone of voice that they aren't guys to be fucked with. What many of the weaker PUA's will do, is give off an aura of weakness. People sense weakness, especially women. And when they sense weakness, they'll tool and make fun of you (and many of you let them).

Sure, the weaker PUA's can dress up and pretend to be players, but it's no different than a nerd trying to suit up for football or basketball. You may have on the uniform, but in the end, people still know that you're a nerd and continue to fuck with you anyway. Do you ever hear anyone trying to fuck with guys that have strong frames? VERY rarely.

They set themselves up as the guy to be

For instance, I know that other guys rely on me to introduce them to women, other guys rely on me to dress them to attract women, and other guys rely on me to help them "game" women. I have a PROVEN track record of helping my friends get laid.

I am simply the guy to be around. And what person in their right mind would want to piss off one of the coolest guys to be around? If anyone tried to piss off Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen, or Gene Simmons in public, what do you think would happen? People would look at said person like they were stupid and instantly shut them out of the group, or make them feel like they were idiots.

They have women lined up

To give you an example, I have two girlfriends, and this Sunday, another girl that absolutely knew I was a player (from a previous story), came down to see me from Cleveland (although I actually did blow her off). I didn't contact her, she contacted me to let me know she was coming. And yesterday? Another girl that KNOWS I have two other girlfriends said that she still wants to fuck me in spite of that fact.

Women line up for guys who have other women. I have NEVER had an ex-gf not come back to me after I cheated on her. And I might add that women don't catch me cheating, as I tell them myself. Women don't tool and make fun of guys that have other women lined up, THEY CHASE AFTER THEM. Real players know this little fact.

In short

Some of you guys have a lot of work to do. You're not who you say you are, nor are you who you want to be, and people tool you because you're just playing pretend (like the nerd in the football or basketball uniform often seen in movies and tv shows [aka Screech from Saved By The Bell]).

I didn't put up this post to make you feel like shit, but it's to get you to recognize your faults and correct them. If you ever want to be a real player, then these are issues you need to address. I mean, do you really feel the need to go through great lengths and hide that you have knowledge about women, if you have other women lined up? My point exactly.

I have had plenty of women call me a player, ask me if I'm a "Hitch", guys come up to me and ask me questions about women, and it practically NEVER affects the outcome. I still end up with the girl, and it changes nothing about her attraction to me. Why? Because I have a strong frame, I am the guy to hang around (not them), and I have other women lined up. It simply isn't enough to say you are and dress up like a player, you must BECOME a player. Food for thought.


Oh, and a reader and business owner sent me an email about a book to help get you started:

"Hey Assanova,
I read your blog today and saw you name drop Gene
Simmons. Have you read his "Sex, Money, Kiss" book?
It's got some good stuff about the realities of men
and women (especially marriage)"

I'll be purchasing it this weekend, and hopefully you will and begin to understand the mindset of real players.