Madden 20: All You Need to Know About MUT Series 3

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Madden 20: All You Need to Know About MUT Series 3

Posted By Cadence alida     November 5, 2019    


MUT Series 3 is officially launched. This is a series that has been expected by countless players. It is finally on the line, Devin McCourty, Byron Jones, the new Personal Challenge and more of the latest MUT updates, let GameMS bring us more details of it.

Perhaps the most important part of the 3rd series is the arrival of the new owner. We guess the correct one, which will be the New England Patriots' safety player Devin McCuquet. Needless to say, McCarty is the best defensive card in the game. Considering that he is the highest OVR card in the game, it's not surprising, but his rating is incredible. At the same time, you only need 1,050 series of 3 trophies to get his NAT version, and the full version only needs 2000. Of course, this is a difficult task, but it will be very worthwhile compared to what you need to spend Madden NFL 20 Coins. At 89, only a few players can beat him at speed, but his other attributes make up for any perceived lack of speed. With 96 visibility, 96 game recognition capabilities, 90 player coverage, 94 regional coverage, 86 news coverage and 87 chasing ability, he will always be in the right position and be able to make a difference. His 77 offensive is a bit low, but it's not bad.

In addition to the new master's program, we have new journey sequences and rewards. There are a total of 200 stars and 30,000 coins to complete 50 challenges. Here are the rewards for the number of stars you get. With the launch of Series 3, MUT players can now reach level 10 because they can now upgrade to level 70. As the level increases, Level Master Tory Holt can now raise the token levels from 63 and 68 to 94 OVR. In addition to Part 2 of Journey, at level 63, you can also unlock the Comeback Kid solo, which includes four challenges. At level 68, you can unlock the Air Raid solo, which also includes four challenges. In terms of tasks, you can win gold coins and 3 series trophies by winning a certain number of online games. If you win 200 online games, you will win the 910 Series 3 trophy and 100,000 coins. Of course, if these tasks are too difficult for you, I recommend you buy Madden Coins. In a trading store like GameMS, this will be very helpful for your team.