Factors Affecting Properties of Alloy Steel Castings

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Factors Affecting Properties of Alloy Steel Castings

Posted By wearresistant William     November 6, 2019    


The performance of Alloy Steel Castings has a great relationship with industrial production and application, especially its shrinkage, so there are high requirements for its shrinkage. So what factors affect its shrinkage in the manufacturing process? The following will be introduced to you.

1. Casting Shrinkage Rate

The casting shrinkage of alloy steel castings under sand casting conditions is 2.6%-2.7%, but it varies with the casting size and wall thickness. The thicker the wall, the stronger the heat effect of metal on the mold, the less the resistance of the mold material to shrinkage due to loss of strength after heating, and the greater the shrinkage room of the casting in the mold, the higher the shrinkage rate. On the contrary, the shrinkage value is low.

2. Dimensions

The larger the size, the greater the obstruction caused by the mold and the casting itself during shrinkage, and the smaller the shrinkage. On the contrary, small pieces with simple shapes have high shrinkage. For wear-resistant steel, the found casting shrinkage value (i.e. the value on the ordinate) shall be multiplied by the correction factor.

Through the above introduction, we know that the shrinkage rate of alloy steel castings is related to the casting size, wall thickness and structure, so users should take these factors into account when processing.

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