Best astrologer in Tamilnadu

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Best astrologer in Tamilnadu

Posted By nalla kuttalam     November 19, 2021    


Our Expert Astrologer at Astro Thoughts will guide you in all your concernsmarriage,money,time,health,career,family and any critical life decision.Best astrologer in Tamilnadu.
Astrological predictions are usually primarily based totally on planets and lagna as withinside the beginning chart. If the planets are located in very own house, Mootatrikona, exaltation and in a friend’s house, will deliver benefic results. If the planets are debilitated or in an inimical sign, commonly deliver evil effects. Likewise, the strengths of the numerous homes also are assessed via way of means of specific method. A graha profits energy or Bala via way of means of numerous method being located in a selected Sthana, Rasi, Bhava, Varga, Time, Waxing (or) waning segment of Moon, in planetary strugglefare etc. When we quantify these kind of in mathematical terms, we arrive at Shad Bala (or) the six fold energy of planets, Although, you may recognize the energy of a planet via way of means of searching at Rasi and different varga charts, once in a while it is able to be hard to ascertain. We may also encounter an exalted planet now no longer doing nicely while a debilitated planet doing nicely. The solution lies in arriving on the Shad Bala of planets earlier than predictions. To examine Dasa Bhukthi additionally one have to have an concept approximately the Shad Bala of planets. Benefics nicely located withinside the Rasi and Navamsa charts having the specified wide variety of energy is possibly to play a useful function. The opposite could manifest if the specified energy of Shad Bala isn't always there. Malefics – if they're purposeful benefics having ok Shad Bala, will do nicely for the native. If a malefic is a proprietor of a dushthana with greater Shad Bala, may also motive evil, eg. Mars and Saturn. Six fold energy The Parashari sytem recognises six varieties of energy of planets. They are Sthana Bala (or) Positional energy Dig Bala (or) Directional energy Kala Bala (or) Temporal energy Chesta Bala (or) Motional energy Naisargika Bala (or) Permanent energy Drik Bala (or) Aspect energy The calculation entails tedious mathematical exercise. Nowadays, we do have astrological software program which do act as a geared up reckoner. Those with Jagannatha Hora can be acquainted with Shad Bala quotient of various planets. But it's miles essential to recognize how the calculations are made so as to beautify one’s predictive competencies and skills. 1. Sthona Bala (or) Positional energy : Placement of planets in rashi and vargas are categorized below this. These are once more divided into 5 divisions Uccha Saptalvargaja Ojhajugmariamsa Kendradi Drekkana 2. Dig Bala : Based at the concepts governing Grahas and the Kendras, the energy of the planet placements are ascertained. 3. Kala Bala : Time of beginning determines the energy of planets. These incorporates of six sub divisions viz. : a) Raksha b) Abdamasadina hora c) Ayana d) Natonnata e) Tribhaga f) Yuddha 4. Chesta Bala or motional energy : The energy is ascertained primarily based totally on the velocity of planet whether or not it's miles slow (or) fast, forward (or) retrograde. five. Naisargika Bala : The energy is measured as inherent (or) herbal energy of planet 6. Drig Bala : The energy is primarily based totally at the numerous factors of the specific planets. The benefics are a supply of energy whilst the malefic, a supply of weakness. Further description of numerous Balas Sthana Bala Ochche Bala : This is the energy of exaltation. When a planet occupies in exaltation, then profits the most virupas. When it occupies Neecha then it has no factors. From the exaltation to the deblition factor, energy step by step decreases. Naisargika Bala : This method everlasting energy (or) herbal energy. The Naisargika relationships are continually the identical in all of the horoscopes. Hence, knowledge the connection among planets is of extreme importance. Permanent Relationships Planets Friends Neutrals Enemies Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn Moon Sun, Mercury Mars,Jupiter,Venus, Saturn None Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Venus, Saturn Mercury Mercury Sun, Venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Moon Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Saturn Mercury, Venus Venus Mercury, Saturn Mars, Jupiter Sun, Moon Saturn Mercury, Venus Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars c) Planet and Vargas : Planets occupying multiple varga profits in energy. This will permit us to calculate the Saptavargaja Bala d) Planets and horas : Lord of the hora performs an essential function in giving energy to the planet. The Lord of a hora which bureaucracy the cusp of the hora need to deliver energy. e) Ojayugmarasyamsa Bala : This is the energy received via way of means of a planet occupying an unusual or even Rasi and Navamsa. The Moon and Venus receives energy in even symptoms and symptoms and Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are robust in unusual symptoms and symptoms. f) Kendra Bala : A planet in Kendra (or) quadrant receives complete factors, then the Panapara homes and Apoklima receives the least. g) Drekkona Bala : Planets are divided into masculine, female and hermaphrodite ones. Those categorized and located in numerous components of Drekkonas benefit energy. h) Kala Bala : The energy of the planet below this relies upon on time, day, night time, year, month and hour wherein a planet will become more potent. We have already visible that it's miles once more divided into 5 sub divisions. (i) Some grahas are robust all through day time and a few all through night time time. Budha is powerful at some point of the day. Sun, Jupiter and Venus is more potent in midday time. On the opposite hand, Moon, Mars and Saturn are more potent all through the middle of the night time. (ii) Benefics get complete Virupa (or) factors all through complete moon (iii) The specific segments of time are ruled via way of means of numerous planets. It begins offevolved with the Lord of the year, then month, day and hour (iv) Ayana Bala is primarily based totally at the energy of planets, motion in summer time season solstice and iciness solstice. Chandra and Saturn are robust in Southern motion. Sun and Mars are robust in Northern motion. (v) If planets are withinside the identical degree, then they're imagined to be in planetary strugglefare. The one in North is victorious. Planets conjoining with Sun are imagined to combust inside specific degrees. (vi) Chesta Bala : The energy relies upon on how tons attempt a planet is placing at that factor of time. The attempt is much less whilst planets are transferring progressively and difficult whilst in retrograde this is transferring in opposition to the current. (vii) Drig Bala (or) Aspect energy : The issue of herbal benefic provides to the energy whilst that of a herbal malefic reduces. The energy of the issue relies upon at the longitudinal distinction among the aspecting planet and aspected planet. Results springing up out of various limits of calculation may be specific. One wishes to take suitable view to apply Shadbala in predictions. Benefic planets having the specified wide variety of Shad Bala will do good. Even if it's miles a purposeful benefic, it'll stand benefitted. Malefics gaining energy might not be usually welcome. They may also make a local evil, merciless or deliver malefic effects. Since Shad Bala geared up reckoners are available, readers may also make complete use of it in fostering predictions. Sun is taken into consideration to be effective whilst his Shad Bala rupas is five or greater. Moon will become robust if it has greater than 6 rupas. Mars will become more potent if rupas are greater than five. Mercury will become more potent if it receives greater than 7 rupas. Jupiter, Venus and Saturn turn out to be effective in the event that they get greater than 6.five, five.five and five rupas respectively. If multiple planet is in a Bhava, the most powerful affects the Bhava greater. —————————— Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya, Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha Hastaaya, Sarva-amaya Vinashaaya, Trailokya Naathaya Dhanvantri Maha-vishnave Namaha.” Meaning: I bow right all the way down to Lord Dhanvantri, the Lord with 4 palms sporting a conch, discus and a pot of immortal nectar. In his coronary heart shines a pleasant and great blaze of mild. The mild is likewise visible shining round his head and delightful lotus eyes. His divine play destroys all illnesses like a blazing wooded area fire.