What Are Basic Post-Operative Instructions for Varicose Vein Surgery?

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What Are Basic Post-Operative Instructions for Varicose Vein Surgery?

Posted By Steven Bower     November 19, 2021    


Any medical procedure requires a certain amount of care to be taken on the patient's end. The same is the case with Varicose Vein surgery. The vein surgery should be performed at a certified veins clinics texas.




A few important instructions to be followed after the procedure:


  1. Dressing The Site of Incision: After your surgery, the doctor from a vein clinic Houston will apply a proper dressing on the site of the incision where the cut was made to strip the vein. This dressing will be in its place when you get discharged. Take information from the medical staff of vein clinics Houston regarding the care of this dressing on how to replace it and how not to disturb the wound until the doctor finally clears it as healing.


  1. Pain Management: The doctor will prescribe pain management medication that needs to be taken post the procedure. In case of allergies, discuss your options with the doctor of veins clinic Houston and adjust your medication accordingly. This is important to keep you comfortable through the recovery period.


  1. Mobility: The doctor of veins clinics Houston will provide instructions about mobility for the days following the surgery; ideally, short, comfortable walks lasting around 20 minutes are encouraged but any strenuous physical activity like sports, exercises, driving, climbing stairs, etc is not advisable. Similarly, do not stand for long periods of time without rest and while resting, elevate the legs.



  1. Stockings: After the procedure at vein clinic river oaks, the areas around the stripped vein may swell and cause discomfort. It will take time for the body to readjust itself after the surgery. Wearing compression stockings goes a long way with speeding the process and keeping any damage from happening. It is therefore important to wear these stockings throughout the day. You may take them off before going to bed and while having a bath but keep them on the rest of the time.


  1. General Care: The vein clinics river oaks that treated you may prescribe an ointment for you to use on your legs postoperative. The bruising may increase after surgery and the ointment will help reduce it. Take professional help to see how the ointment is to be applied and do it regularly to manage the bruising. In the days following the procedure, avoid soaking the dressing during a bath and when drying your legs, pat them dry instead of toweling. Do not undertake air travel unless cleared to do so by your doctor from veins clinic river oaks.


  1. Follow Up Session: You will need to visit your doctor in a short period after your surgery for a follow-up session. The doctor will take a look at your treated areas to make sure that everything is fine and give you further care instructions. In case that the surgery has had any negative side effects, the doctor may suggest a course of action. In any case, if you have any concerns regarding your treatment in the days after surgery, you should contact your varicose vein treatment center.


Any medical treatment requires participation and cooperation on the patient's part. Good postoperative care after a varicose veins surgery will ensure speedy recovery as well as prevent recurrence or complications from happening.

Article Source : https://veinclinicstx.wordpress.com/2021/10/25/what-are-basic-post-operative-instructions-for-varicose-vein-surgery/