Every version of Warcraft has a classic shadow
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Every version of Warcraft has a classic shadow

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     November 7, 2019    


Every version of Warcraft has a classic shadow



If you are a big fan of Blizzard, you must have heard a lot of news about the new version of World of Warcraft. Maybe some people will think that the new version of the design will re-use the classic version of the retro picture. However, this is not the case. The current World of Warcraft is still under development. Designers are designing a new version of World of Warcraft with reference to the classic design blueprint.



The general manager of World of Warcraft believes that the system of World of Warcraft reveals some basic facts. Hight is especially inspired by Classic's way of promoting social connections and spontaneous collaboration between players.




In an interview with Blizzard, he told reporters that it was a rewarding experience to see people having fun together, even in the absence of rules. "You can stand in front of everyone, click on this box and run away." However, you will see people line up because everyone is polite to each other. This social system - if you help me, I will help you - this is a classic resonance, it tells us that you don't need to beat someone else's head to let them understand things. It is best for them to talk to each other and help each other. A little bit of complexity is ok, a little friction is fine, as long as you have a good social system to support it. ”


The retail version of the World of Warcraft development team is trying to figure out some ways to get the current development team out of the woods, because the development team of the new version of the shadow area is currently in trouble.


At the same time, he often likes Classic's world look and design capabilities. He believes that in both cases, World of Warcraft's reincarnation ancestors did a good job of encouraging players to get out of the old road, whether it meant exploring the world for exploration or using the ability that was not always at its peak.


The director said: "As a designer, people's love for World of Warcraft classics has inspired me. So when we consider the character design and regional design of the shadow, we will ask ourselves: 'We can do something What is going to change the current situation?" Now on the MMOWTS website is holding a limited time to buy World of Warcraft gold, welcome players who need to buy.


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He hopes that the world of Shadows will make players feel super immersed and try to bring more intuitive feelings to players.