Optimising buildings for a sustainable future
    • Last updated November 21, 2021
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Optimising buildings for a sustainable future

Posted By eptglobal eptglobal     November 21, 2021    


Building optimisation should be treated as an investment rather than an additional cost for the business. If properly done, it provides smart energy solutions, energy monitoring solutions, water monitoring solutions, energy monitoring solutions and an overall building efficiency. Only EP&T Global does these. Not only are our clients making the most of our proprietary smart building big data analytics , they’re also getting the best value for money which makes it totally cost-effective. We at EP&T do have our cumulative knowledge and massive data sets collected from our operation as a building optimisation company.


As a leading building optimisation company, we share the responsibility, provide easier daily operations and peace of mind with our building energy management systems. We believe that Building Energy Efficiency is everybody’s priority. Utilising our resources will make a significant contribution to your business with our building energy management systems.


If you are wondering how building optimisation is done, we start it with a site assessment. Given the present environmental situations, surprisingly, we can do it remotely. As we are turning your facility into a smart building, sensors are accessed or installed throughout it. We will then collect and analyze data through our EDGE platform. It is the brain behind our smart building big data analytics. EDGE is next generation building operational efficiency technology.


Our EDGE Platform easily identifies opportunities, allowing providers to target known issues that can generally be resolved with collaboration and planned maintenance. This allows for a targeted approach – fix the issues that need attention and not the ones that don’t. The platform comes with water monitoring solutions too. It will give you a thorough analysis of the causes of water wastage and enable you to save money. Energy monitoring solutions is another thing. Smart energy solutions will result in energy savings. This is what you get with EP&T Global’s EDGE Intelligent System.


As the demand for smart energy solutions and energy saving solutions, like our EDGE platform, continues to rise, we will always find ways to ensure your building energy efficiency and building operational efficiency.

The overall building optimisation will work at its best with the help of our EDGE technology. Most of all, working together with our clients will make the best things happen. All for the love of a sustainable future.