What is the precision requirement for iron castings?

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What is the precision requirement for iron castings?

Posted By wearresistant William     November 12, 2019    


Precision of iron platform. Scraping Dalian cast iron platform is an important method to complete various profiles in machine tool manufacturing and maintenance (e.g. machine tool guide surface, connecting surface, bearing bush, spherical surface, etc.).

In the scraping process of the Shenyang cast iron platform, a scraper is used to scrape off trace metal on the surface of the treated workpiece so as to improve the accuracy of the surface shape. Clamping is improved by contact between surfaces.

Scraping of cast iron platform is usually operated by a fitter's hand-held scraper, with plane and bending scraping (see figure). Scraper is usually made of carbon tool steel or bearing steel. The rear end is equipped with a wooden handle, the blade part is hardened to a hardness of about HRC60, and the cutting edge is ground. Firstly, the surface of the workpiece is cut, and the scraping allowance is 0.05 to 0.4 mm.

The plane scraping operation of the inspection plate is divided into two types: pushing blade and drawing blade. Thrust mainly depends on arm strength and ankle retraction, with small cutting force, but scraping length is easy to control, suitable for fine scraping and scraping. When scraping the surface, the curved blade is controlled by the wrist force, and the side edge looks at the scraping of the workpiece surface.

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