What are the Treatments Provided By Periodontics?

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What are the Treatments Provided By Periodontics?

Posted By briana hallisay     November 24, 2021    


In the field of dentistry, periodontics is the practice part that specializes in tooth-supporting and gums-related tissue which is called the periodontium. However, most dentists are experts to diagnose and cure mild gum disease (periodontal disease), complicated and serious situations are assigned to a periodontic specialist who has extra training and expertization in the periodontal treatment process.



Who is a periodontist?


Periodontists are the best orthodontist whose goal is to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases influencing dental implants and gums. Additionally, the 3 years of training and education behind a basic dentistry degree that periodontists undergo equips them to treat the underlying situations and serve a range of efficient treatment with Delta Dental PPO.  


Types Of Treatment

Here are the 4 types of treatments for your gum infection and they are as follows-


#1 Periodontal Gum Care

If you are caring about your smile then this needs to care for your gums. Gum disease has several stages but what all boils down to is the infection near and irritation of the gums. The earliest stage of gum disease is gingivitis which every person is familiar with.  And this stage is pointed out by tender, red, and inflamed gums. The gums will also lead to bleeding while brushing. If the problem is not consulted or cured by the dentists, gingivitis may turn into periodontitis and other advanced periodontitis. In such an advanced stage, the gums start to pull away from teeth, forming pockets where bacteria may accumulate. Ultimately, periodontitis may lead to bone and tooth loss.


#2 Dental Deep Cleaning

The process of dental deep cleaning is quite different from regular cleaning. The process is performed below the gum line. This is done to clean hard-to-reach spots like pockets and roots at the base of your teeth. There is a substance called tartar which is built on the interior and exterior part of your teeth. If it is left untreated then this will cause severe infections. Hence, the dentist uses the techniques called periodontal scaling and root planing to eliminate this substance.


#3 Laser technology

Soft Tissue Lasers: Gingivectomy is a method that is used for gingiva or gum elimination. The process is for those who achieve high esthetics. It is used if the supra body pockets are present and there is an entrance to the bony structures and this is not important. The method of gingivectomy decreases gingival tissue. Hence, the process is not shown in a person who is having a foundation that is a serious health or the gingival affection is minimal or absent.


#4 Tissue Grafts

For many years there has been the possibility to exchange teeth that have been lost, but it was naturally believed that damage to gums is going to be permanent. Hence, this is no longer the situation and it can be cured by the gingival gum graft and is medically known as gingival graft.  Multiple processes are covered by the description and carried out to deal with several conditions. This is something that you will need to be aware of in the early stages and will correct.




For all the effective treatments of your gum infection, you need to choose the best and superior orthodontist near me. For scheduling, an appointment with the urbn dental clinic visit our website today!


Article Source : https://urbndental.wordpress.com/2021/11/24/what-are-the-treatments-provided-by-periodontics/