How do Elder Scrolls Online players get Oblivion Explorer Garb outfit?


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How do Elder Scrolls Online players get Oblivion Explorer Garb outfit?

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     November 26, 2021    


The Deadlands DLC of Elder Scrolls Online sends players to Oblivion, and if players want to blend in with the locals, they can unlock new costumes suitable for exploring Oblivion. And when players pay attention to it long enough, they will get some very cool equipment, including the Oblivion Explorer Garb set.

Deadlands DLC started in Fargrave. Players can get there by going from the map. Upon arrival, the player will encounter Anchorite. She will let the player meet her at the House of Whims, and once the player leaves the conversation, they will start the Celestial Palanquin quest. This is the first of Deadlands’ six main story missions, and the good news is that players only need to complete the third mission to unlock equipment.

Here is the task the player needs to complete, Celestial Palanquin: Talk to Ms. Whim of the Whims House and find Initiate Tilgo in Deadlands. Destruction Incarnate: The player needs to crack the code found in the bathhouse. Durance Vile: Players will fight a large avatar, then meet with Lyranth to discuss future plans. Players should not forget to collect Elder Scrolls Online Gold while completing the mission.

After the dialogue with Lyranth is completed, the player will receive Oblivion Explorer Garb as a reward. To equip Oblivion Explorer Garb, go to Collection, Appearance and Clothing. This is an interesting brown tunic with a yellow belt and explorer backpack. There is also good news, IGGM is holding a promotional event, players who want to buy ESO Gold can choose it.