WOW CLASSIC: Honor system details
    • Last updated November 15, 2019
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WOW CLASSIC: Honor system details

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     November 15, 2019    


WOW CLASSIC: Honor system details


 WOW Classic Gold

Earlier this week, the latest update to World of Warcraft Classics was all ready. It also contains everything you need to get started. This is the latest news from WoW Classic support, Blizzard officially announced: Around 11 am Pacific time on Thursday, all servers in the region will start to push updates.




The PvP honor system will be online, and Azuregos and Kazzak will likely hatch one powerful monster in the nest. The new copy challenge Dire Maul is waiting for the players to come, the power of World Bosses becomes terrible. And there is no need to change the game client, and there is no need to require downtime like a patch.



The release of World Bosses is a big deal for the entire Azeroth players. Because they are powerfully destructive and lethal, and the release of the vanilla PvP honor system is also true. Players can acquire precious weapons and equipment by participating in the PVP honor system. At the same time, this has greatly boosted the enthusiasm of the players. But players don't need to worry about the impact of a powerful NPC on the progress of the game. WOW WOW Classic Power Leveling can help players solve various difficult problems in the game and quickly upgrade the level.




Players participate in the honor system In addition to the honor scores, WoW Classic players can also get random rare items, but this depends on the players' luck, because only one of the 10,000 people can get. Blizzard's introduction to PvP rewards may change from the initial experience.



The following is a detailed analysis of the working principle of the PvP system, from Blizzard:


Honor Points - When you kill opponents or powerful NPC characters in the PVP system, you will receive honor points. If you can conquer the controversial battlefield and kill the important npc, you can also get extra points of honor. Such as the opposition faction of the leader and the general.

At the end of each day, these honor points will be distributed to all players participating in the PvP game, as the player has earned the most points by contributing the most skills.