the pandemic continues
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the pandemic continues

Posted By retro iconic     December 1, 2021    


 How Artists can take care of their mental Health

 The very nature of the art business--with its economic precarity, critiques, as well as "winner gets all" reward structure can contribute to anxiety, depression and

 Substance abuse. It's well-known that Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko are just two of many artists who have suffered from addiction.

 Jean-Michel Basquiat (heroin), to Jean-Michel Basquiat

 Needs were branded as sexy and sexy.


 How the Arts Work will change in 2021 and beyond.

 The art world is constantly in flux, even as the pandemic continues to rage on with no sign of any clear conclusion. Every day brings new information about budget cuts, layoffs, and other news. educationcareeradvisors education career advisors Website education career advisors com likecareer like career Website like career com earnmoneynetwork earn money network Website earn money network com 

 After the dust has settled, there will be changes to calendars, restructuring, and postponed, cancelled events, OVRs or emerging forms online programming

 Art can be a totally different world.

 A lot of professionals working as registrars, art handlers and other art handlers as well as museum educators and gallery assistants were fired during the pandemic. While business-stepbystep business step by step Website business step by step com dailybusinessstudy daily business study Website daily business study com

 Some of those jobs have come back some of those jobs have been reinstated, and some of those jobs have been re-opened, and the Delta version is now the most dangerous group of workers yet once more. For this particular profession it is a shame.