podcast about Ilona Granet
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podcast about Ilona Granet

Posted By retro iconic     December 1, 2021    


 How can artists safeguard their mental health

 Depression and anxiety can be caused by the nature of the art business due to its precarious economic status and criticisms, as well as "winner gets everything" reward system.

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 Substance abuse. It's well documented that artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Mark Rothko have all struggled with addiction.

 Jean-Michel Basquiat (heroin), to Jean–Michel Basquiat

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 The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration site (SAMHSA), that is administered by the US government, offers information on National Recovery.

 Month is an "national observance held each September to support and promote new evidence-based treatments and recovery practices" for people who are suffering from the disease.

 Other addiction and substance abuse disorders.

 Recovery can come in many ways: individual therapy, group therapy, or community-based forums. Recovery Month is an opportunity to recognize that.

 "The creation of a proud and strong community for recovery, and the commitment and hard work of community and service provider members from across the nation who are the ones to make it happen.

 All forms of recovery are feasible."

 One of these service providers is Ana Finel Honigman, a LGPC (Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor) Therapist at Aquila Recovery in Washington

 D.C., who was awarded the PhD from Oxford University in Art History and also studied at Johns Hopkins University.

 Ana has written extensively on the arts for publications like Artforum. Artnews. Artnet. She also taught classes in NYU's Steinhardt college of education.

 Culture, Education, and Human Development in Berlin and Sarah Lawrence College's program for a semester abroad at Oxford University, Wadham College.

 Ana's first book, Cult Artists 50 Cutting-Edge Creatives That You Must Be aware of was published in the year the year 2019. In April, she released What, her second book.

 Alexander McQueen: What Fashion Can teach Us - A biographical account of the fashion designer who tragically committed suicide in 2010.

 AA: Are artists at greater risk for mental health problems than other professionals? Why or why not

 AFH (As with most things: Yes and No). Artists' mental wellbeing is affected when they're exposed to certain stresses in their profession. I was listening recently to

 Decoder Ring is an excellent podcast about Ilona Granet (feminist-activist artist) and her path to success. It

 The profound observation that "being an artist demands one to be more risk-averse than a normal individual" was the conclusion.

 A fundamentally unstable structure that is not able to sustain a active, healthy lifestyle for adults without financial stability, benefits, or a path.

 Artists are at odds with both ends of Maslow's hierarchy. Artists are expected not only to be vulnerable and vulnerable, but also to display the basic human qualities.

 Needs were branded as sexy and sexy.


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