How To Get A Lot Of Gold Coins From The New World Quest?

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How To Get A Lot Of Gold Coins From The New World Quest?

Posted By Claus Oliver     December 2, 2021    


There are many ways to get gold coins in New World, the most common of which is to complete various tasks in the game. However, the method of obtaining gold coins by completing tasks is very poor, but it has a daily task through which players can increase a fixed amount of gold coins every day.

In New World, players mainly get gold coins by selling various items in the Trading Post, because it is very bad to get gold coins through missions. But this does not mean that we cannot get a lot of gold coins through missions.

The very first 3 faction quests each "time" will certainly provide you a quite sizable bonus offer, increasing the pursuit's gold rewards by an aspect of 10. Pair that along with the simple fact that the benefit is simply utilized up when you transform in a mission (which suggests you may really take faction objectives and also abandon all of them if they don't possess a really good bottom incentive or easy/close enough crowds to eliminate), and also you'll be well on your way to being able to completely covering your tax obligation expenditures for your properties and also identical!

There are plenty of locations where you can easily acquire some extremely carefully gathered objective objectives and knock out all 3 quests in 30ish moments, and the bonus offer awaits for PvP missions as well if that's what you choose. The "day-to-day" aspect of the 3 every day is a little bit complicated nevertheless, as it is quite vague what cooking timer these get on therefore you'll simply play it by ear and also check out back in with the faction NPC every 24 hours or so.

When we enter New World, we should not give up various tasks in the game. We can get a lot of gold coins by completing tasks.
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