Accident Release Liability Waiver Forms - 3 Important Types to Know About

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Accident Release Liability Waiver Forms - 3 Important Types to Know About

Posted By Carl Glendon     December 2, 2021    


Waiver of liability agreement or release of liability form is a legally binding document signed between two parties in order to settle liability claims for damages or injuries in exchange for some compensation - which is generally a monetary sum or something of value. Know about some of the different types of liability release waiver form templates available for use in case of accident release liability claims.

Automobile accident release waiver

In case of accidents involving cars, parties that are involved in a traffic collision can take a decision to use this type of form, to give their consent not to press legal charges against each other. The party that received damage to his vehicle or was injured can decide to waive liability from any future compensation offered for the accident, in exchange for a specific sum of money - from the party that was responsible for the accident. Both parties can avoid all the hassles of moving to court in this way.

Damage to property waiver

This kind of document is used when personal property, such as movable possession or jewelry or real property, such as building or land, gets damaged and both parties decide to settle their dispute out of court. Before compensating somebody for damages to property that you caused, it is important that you use this kind of document to ensure that the property owner cannot, in the future, ask for some more compensation from your end. You can easily find a free waiver template Florida form for damage to property waiver cases and customize it for your specific requirements.

Waiver for participation in an activity or event

This kind of document is used often by entertainment and event management companies that need their customers to let go of all future claims against the owner or organizer for any event where personal injury might happen.

While taking part in activities such as sports leagues, paintball or some other athletic event, participants are supposed to sign these types of forms. It should be remembered, however, that generally a liability form of this type does not cover injuries or accidents resulting from failure to exercise proper care over or negligence in a situation.