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What Should You Do If Your artwork is damaged

These stories reveal certain truths about fine art restoration, and highlight important points to be aware of when buying art. serveplumbing serve plumbing Website serve plumbing com homeinspire home inspire Website home inspire us 

Your own collection can be restored. You can get your personal collection restored.

on view for the general public to see.

www.advisorhome.usadvisorhomeadvisor homeWebsiteadvisor home uswww.experthome.usexperthomeexpert homeWebsiteexpert home uswww.benefitshome.usbenefitshomebenefits homeWebsitebenefits home us
Mistakes and accidents are an inevitable part of life for humans. When it comes to taking care of artworks that have suffered an accident, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

All types of damage, from small scratches to major tears. Artwork Archive reached Andrei Givotovsky the owner of Art Restoration NYC (and restorer).

who assisted David Paul Kay bring his painting back to life), to learn more about the process of restoration and the best way to proceed when your painting is damaged.

Note the damages. Document it again.

You will need to take numerous photographs of the damage and write about the incident in writing. A database like