was ruined or bumped
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was ruined or bumped

Posted By retro iconic     December 2, 2021    


Sometimes, you don't have control over the content that is shared on social media. Social gatherings are full of opportunities for posting photos and sharing.

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There are stories of a personal security guards taking selfies in front of high-value artwork, or of guests taking photos and tagging them on social media. This is

Privacy breaches can be very detrimental. It might be beneficial to tell your guests to not bring their phones to the bathroom.

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You should also consider what you would do if your party was ruined or bumped. You don't want to have your work damaged by a glass.

red wine, or someone who is unable to drink alcohol.

Lack of appropriate insurance

Shanna Shennig, the Southwest Director at Winston Art Group, says that collecting without insurance is the most risky option for their collections. She