WOW: The origin of Classic
    • Last updated November 21, 2019
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WOW: The origin of Classic

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     November 21, 2019    


WOW: The origin of Classic




Before Blizzard Entertainment officially launched Warcraft, players who want to experience classic World of Warcraft can only experience the most original World of Warcraft on a privately built server. For gaming companies, these private servers are illegal. Not only is stability not comparable to the official server, but the construction of these private servers is not officially authorized. It is usually a very imperfect reproduction of the real World of Warcraft experience.



As the players of these private servers accumulate more and more, Blizzard began to realize that the development of World of Warcraft classics has become a necessary trend, while the voices of players are getting higher and higher. Later, due to technical obstacles, these private servers had to slowly withdraw from the market, and they could not seem to imitate the real official server to bring a complete experience to users. And the experience of using Cheap WOW Classic Gold on a private server is terrible, and the game gold of the hard-working base stations is always consumed in a short period of time.



Blizzard has begun to conceptualize Classic in early 2017.



Even though the official game team used the modern server architecture to run the World of Warcraft classics, the classic version of the game still has a big gap between the game content and the gameplay. The official explained this: For the two versions of World of Warcraft, we should still take a different approach and play different gameplays in different games. In this way, we bring different game experiences to users and avoid homogenization in MMORPGs.



And in the classic version of Warcraft there will be no cross-domain server, find the team, the underground city task automatic matching and other functions. Regarding how the game team should solve the game problem, this is not something that players need to consider, and what players should do is to enjoy the game. Now players don't need to worry about gold, because I bought a lot of World of Warcraft gold at at a very low price last week, they helped me exchange for epic gear, let me Progress in the game is fast!



In June 2018, the team decided to use the 1.12 patch as the basis for Classic. They managed to use a modern code and data architecture to run a rebuilt version of the 1.12 patch on the server, so they were constantly patched and improved. Until today, a mature game was officially released in August of this year, which is the player. In our mouth -WOW: Classic.