Development And Production Of Plant Capsules

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Development And Production Of Plant Capsules

Posted By Hua Guang     December 6, 2021    


In recent years, with the development of the socio-economic level, people are paying more and more attention to diet and health. Some people have certain requirements for vegetarianism. Even in capsules and health products, they strive to be vegetarian, safe, and environmentally friendly. In response to real-time, the capsule industry has also launched several plant-based vegetarian capsules.

Empty HPMC Capsules Manufacturers are made from plant-based materials, hypromellose, and appropriate auxiliary materials. The pure plant source can meet the medication requirements of vegetarians and people with special beliefs, and can fully embody the concept of high-end medicines and health products that are safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and healthy. Its characteristics of low water content and high toughness can satisfy the filling of highly hygroscopic medicines, especially the filling of traditional Chinese medicines. Inert materials, no amino acid substances, can avoid cross-linking reaction with drugs, and avoid Maillard reaction.

Empty Pullulan Capsules Factory is made of pullulan obtained from natural raw materials through microbial fermentation as raw materials, plus appropriate auxiliary materials. Pure natural plant sources, can meet the requirements of vegetarian, Islamic, and Jewish culture. No genetic modification, pesticide residues, no BSE/TSE risk. The air barrier is extremely strong, the moisture content is low, and the toughness is high, which can effectively include the contents to avoid oxidative deterioration, and can provide more effective protection for medicines. Strong stability, good compatibility with drugs, suitable for filling of various drugs, and no Maillard and cross-linking reactions.