High Speed \u200b\u200bRht6105\/48Gsm Operation Introduction

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High Speed ​​Rht6105/48Gsm Operation Introduction

Posted By run Hydrotech     December 7, 2021    


Adhesive heat transfer paper operation steps

        In our daily life and work, we can see advertising sticky notes, stickers and computer lettering transfer film, they all use lettering film and heat transfer paper. The pattern engraved on the computer lettering paper should use the transparent paper of the transfer paper for better pasting. Because the transfer paper is very sticky, it is necessary to stick a little dust when using the transfer paper to reduce the viscosity of High Speed Rht6105/48Gsm. Then the viscous heat transfer paper is transferred to the desired location. What are the operating steps for adhesive thermal transfer paper?
        1. Before transfer, test the sample, use tape to test the transfer fastness, and then carry out the washing test. According to customer requirements, the washing test standard is not less than 3 times, and there should be no shedding or warping after washing.   
        2. Check the shape, size, curing, adhesion, tension, etc. of the transferred sample in advance.
        3. When using special equipment for thermal transfer, the equipment must be inspected to determine the temperature, time and pressure of the workbench.
        4. The transfer table is clean without obstacles. The surface of the insulation paper used is clean and free of burrs.
        5. The color of the transferred piece meets the requirements of the order, the position is accurate, and there is no phenomenon of falling, deformation, warping, cracking, etc.
        6. Conveying the normal temperature control range fabric temperature (℃) time (s) pressure (MPA)
        7. According to the requirements of the order, the samples that need heat transfer should be checked and confirmed in advance. The surface of the transfer film is not clean, the color is not clear, ghosting, defects and deformation, etc.
        8. Sticky/Tacky H6610/100Gsm pay attention to the following test requirements : Use tape to test the fastness of the transfer, in addition, you need to test the fastness of the transfer with the tape after washing, and then use it to knead, rub and scrape. Observe whether the peeling appearance changes, and finally, do a tensile test to check whether the pattern has cracks, breaks, and non-rebound phenomena.