How to Setup Canon TS6000 Wireless Printer

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How to Setup Canon TS6000 Wireless Printer

Posted By Nilam Mehra     December 8, 2021    


Canon PIXMAts6000 is a compact touch screen All-In-One printer that is ideal for those of you who work at home because this versatile printer prints high-quality photos or documents fast. Plus the intuitive 7.5 cm (3) touchscreen LCD and has a variety of connectivity options make it easy to print, scan & photocopy of your documents. Using Canon's FINE inkjet printing technology and 5 single inks will bring convenience, cost savings, great looking prints and plus a USB or Wi-Fi cable connection it will make it very easy for you to work. Canon PIXMAts6000 Print can also print easily from your smartphone, tablet or computer with Mopria support for Android, Apple AirPrint, Windows 10 Mobile, Canon PRINT app for iOS and Android. If you are using this printer then feel the sensation and style as this printer is completely re-arranged and the reduced form factor is approximately 30% smaller than the previous equivalent model.

To use this type of printer, you must complete the Canon PIXMAts6000Setup and after that you can enjoy using the printing services offered by Canon. To make it easier for you to work with this printer, you must complete Canon ts6000 Wireless Setup, Drivers for your device. So read on and find out how you can complete printer setup for your device.

PIXMA ts6000 Wireless Connection Setup
  1. The first step, get recommendations on how to set up a wi-fi connection on your PIXMA ts6000 printer, and how you can reset the printer to that manufacturing unit configuration.
  2. Then Some entry points (sometimes often called routers or hubs) display an auto-link button labeled "WPS" which means Wi-Fi Protected Settings.
  3. And It allows your authorized devices like your PIXMA ts6000 to connect to the network without having to enter a password, this will enable a quick and easy technique to combine your products.
  4. then This method is undoubtedly the best way to connect your PIXMA ts6000 , and if your accessibility position includes a WPS button, then please select the 'WPS Connection Method' tab below for instructions on how to connect using this method.
  5. final step, If your router supports WPS, we have offered a preferred direction to receive your PIXMA ts6000 link, so make sure you select the 'Standard Connection Method' tab below.
Standard Connection Method (For Windows & Mac users only)

If your access point does not support the WPS feature, use the following instructions to set your printer up on your wire-less network:
For Windows users, insert the CD that came with your printer & runs the setup.
If u do not have a CD drive, or you’re a Mac user, then please download the software.

Connection for Windows Users Only

–>–>–>Step to 1
Double-click on the downloaded .exe file to open the following screen & click (Start Setup).
–>–>–>Step to 2
The software will check to see if there are any updates to the driver & software. This may take a few minutes to complete.
–>–>–>Step to 3
Select your region & country, then click (Next).
–>–>–>Step to 4
If u accept the terms of the license agreement, click (Yes).
–>–>–>Step to 5
If u would like to take part in the extended survey program, click (Agree).
Otherwise, click (Do not agree).
–>–>–>Step to 6
Ensure (Deactivate the block) is checked & click (Next) .
–>–>–>Step to 7
The following screen will be displayed for a few seconds.
–>–>–>Step to 8
Select (Wireless LAN Connection) & click (Next) .
–>–>–>Step to 9
Ensure that your printer is powered on & click (Next).
–>–>–>Step to 10
The software will search for any printers already set up on your network.
–>–>–>Step to 11
If u have already connected your printer to your network, select it from the list & click (Next) to start the software installation, then proceed to.
–>–>–>Step to 16 . 
If u cannot see your printer listed, continue to –>–>–>Step to 12.
–>–>–>Step to 12
If this is the first time you’re setting up your printer, it will not be displayed in the list.
Ensure (Set up the network connection according to the guide) is selected & click (Next).
–>–>–>Step to 13
The set-up guide will open & guide u through connecting your printer to your network using the easy wire-less connect process.
Please follow the on-screen instructions carefully to prepare your printer for connection.
Only click next, when your printer corresponds with the example shown in the diagrams below –
–>–>–>Step to 14
Once u have made the necessary settings on your printer, the software will now temporarily disconnect your computer from your wire-less network & connect directly to your printer to configure the network settings.
Ur computer will re-connect to your wire-less network automatically once this has completed.
–>–>–>Step to 15
When the connection is established, click (Next) to continue with the software installation.
–>–>–>Step to 16
The printer driver software will now install & register onto your computer. This will take a few minutes to complete.
–>–>–>Step to 17
If this is the first time u’re setting up your printer, it’s recommended to perform the print head alignment. Click (Execute) to start the process & follow the on-screen instructions.
If u have already aligned the print head, click (Next).
–>–>–>Step to 18
Click (Execute) to perform a test print.
Once successfully printed, click (Next).
–>–>–>Step to 19
The set-up of your printer is now complete.
Click (Next) to see a list of optional software u can also install.
–>–>–>Step to 20
20 From the list select any additional software u wish to install & click (Next).
–>–>–>Step to 21
Once the additional software has installed, u will see a message informing u about setting up your smartphone or tablet. Click on (Instructions) to find out more information on setting up your device, or click (Next) to continue.
–>–>–>Step to 22
To register your printer, click (Next) (this will open in a web browser).
Alternatively, click (Skip).
–>–>–>Step to 23
Click (Exit) to finish the installation.
How to use to install Canon Printer drivers?

As we all know Canon is one of the top brand Printers to install download drivers from, in this post I will tell you about all the required steps which help you with Canon Printer drivers on Windows and Mac computers.

Steps to install Canon Wireless Printer drivers on Windows 10 Computer

Below steps help you to install Canon wireless Printer drivers for Windows 10 computer, read given steps carefully.

  1. In the first step you need to connect your Canon Printer with your WIFI router, in this article I am using Canon MF232W all in one Canon Printer.
  2. Turn On your MF232W Canon Printer, click on the menu button on the Printer and go to the second option “network settings” then select “wireless LAN settings”.
  3. In wireless LAN settings select “ SSID Settings” now open the “Select Access Point” option. Choose your WIFI from the list and enter a password.
  4. After entering Password you Printer will connect with your WIFI router.
  5. In this step turn ON your Computer and go to the control panel, select “add printer and devices” options here.
  6. It will automatically find your Printer, select your Printer from the list and press next. This process will install Canon wireless Printer drivers on Windows 10 Computer.
  7. Above steps will install basic Printer drivers on your computer, you are able to print documents. To use the full functions of Printer like copy, scan and fax use below steps.
  8. In this step you need to download Canon Printer drivers from the website for that open windows in the browser address bar.
  9. On Canon Printer driver website locate your Canon Printer model, it will automatically detect your Printer model.
  10. Click and download latest and updated drivers for your Canon Printer model.
  11. Open downloaded Canon Printer drivers file and accept the license agreement and click on next.
  12. Here you need to select the “install Canon Wireless Printer” option.
  13. You will see the list of Printers in front of you, you need to select your Printer from the list and press the next button.
  14. After few clicks you will see Printer connected successfully, now check with test print

“Note: Make sure your Printer and Computer both are connected with same WIFI router connection while you using this method”

Instructions to setup Canon Wireless Printer on MAC

Check all the given instructions below to know steps for Canon wireless Printer installation on MacBook Pro, here I am using Canon MF232W Printer.

  1. Need to connect your Printer with a wireless router for that read 1-4 steps from above method then follow underneath steps.
  2. Login to your MacBook and click on the apple Icon on top left then select “system preferences”.
  3. On top right search find “Printer & Scanners option and open it.
  4. Here you will see Printers Windows, now click on “+” sign 
  5. Select your Printer from the list and press the add button.
  6. Now basic drivers of Canon Printer will install on your MAC.
  7. To install Canon Printer full drivers read underneath steps carefully.
  8. Open the safari browser and type mac in the address bar and press enter.
  9. On Canon Printer drivers official website select our Printer model, it will show your OS automatically. 
  10. Click on download, once the download process will complete open download Canon Wireless Printer drivers for MAC setup file.
  11. Click on accept tab and press next, select wireless option to install Printer drivers.
  12. After a few clicks you will see a list of Printers in front of you select your Printer from the list press next.
  13. Once you see your Printer installed successfully to double, sure check with test print.
  14. If anyhow you are unable to follow above steps you may contact canon directly by visiting

On this page all the steps are very clear and easy to use, hope now you all know how to install Canon wireless Printers drivers on Windows & Mac Computers by visiting official website for Canon. Still have any query or question reach to canon support anytime by opening the or ij start canon website.