WoW's Dungeon Memories: Westfall and dungeoneering in the Deadmines
    • Last updated November 25, 2019
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WoW's Dungeon Memories: Westfall and dungeoneering in the Deadmines

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     November 25, 2019    


I still remember the dusty plain of Westfall. It was there that I first experienced the old-school grind of World of Warcraft. If you want to gain a lot of experience in a short period of time, killing endless automaton robots in this area is a good choice. In fact, there is another very important content in this area: the Deadmines dungeons.

For league players, this dungeon is a very meaningful challenge. You will have to form an adventure squad with four other people, and you must ensure that there is a competent tank in the team. The dungeon is ‘instanced’ so that it ’s only accessible to your dungeon team, and available to play through again and again.

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When World of Warcraft was just released, you could only say your thoughts on the chat channel and manually gather the right teammates. As the captain, you need to consider the coordination and synergy of the class. Not only that, all team members must walk or use the portal to the entrance of the dungeon before you can really start a training session. After many expansions and updates, modern WoW has designed a new feature that is very convenient for players-Dungeon Finder. You only need to select your target dungeon or raid, and the tool will automatically match the right teammate for you, When the team is full, all members are transferred directly to the dungeon.

It's hard to say which method is better-the old-fashioned World of Warcraft can allow you to experience a richer social life, you have more opportunities to communicate with strangers and meet new friends, which is why many players today are more Love WoW Classic; modern WoW saves you a lot of time. And I ’m grateful, as it ’s here where World of Warcraft really shines. Suddenly, the social aspects of the game, the need for team work and a little forward planning, come into play and grab my attention.

I know exactly where my role is in the team, which is why I chose the warrior class. As a tank, all I need to do is to attract the attention of all mobs, so that my teammates can cause a lot of damage to the monsters in a safe environment. Of course, the rewards after suffering are huge. I have gained a lot of experience and the right to choose loot.
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