Four Things That A Reliable IT Support Service Never Do

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Four Things That A Reliable IT Support Service Never Do

Posted By ITGOLD Solutions     December 10, 2021    


Today, you can see that so many companies rely on IT support when they need to solve a technical, network, or computer problem. Most of these companies work with external companies that call only when there is a specific problem to be resolved, rather than staying in touch on a daily basis. Calling someone only when something goes wrong may seem practical and cheap, but there are pitfalls to this approach, exploiting individuals and businesses that don't have a regular tech savvy. You may be exposed to scammers who do. These scammers take different approaches, none of which are used by trusted professional Sophos XG Firewall services. Be aware of these signs of potential fraud. 


Make a one-sided call to let you know that your computer is infected 


A one-sided call from someone who claims to be an IT support specialist should always be a warning sign. How did you know that your computer was infected or your network was compromised? They shouldn't already know about a problem you don't know, unless you call the technical help desk yourself. You should call them to let them know that your computer is suspected of being infected, and vice versa. 


Requesting an account or credentials 


This is very similar to a fraudulent phone call where some people request bank account information or other personal information. By providing this information, the caller can access all kinds of personal information and delete bank accounts, computer files, etc. If you claim to be from the help desk or IT support group, ask them to call you back. In most cases, they resist. Even if you give us your phone number, please compare it with the number posted on the official website. They probably gave you the wrong number. 


Asking to log in to your computer remotely 


There may be good reasons to log in to your computer remotely, but there are several reasons. That action is always the result of a unique call to IT support, a one-sided call from them. Allowing strangers to access your computer allows you to log in, passwords, install malware on your PC, crash your system, and much more. You can also read the file to get sensitive information about your company's customers and employees. It will be your own data security and you should be extra careful.


Request immediate payment for IT support over the phone 


Reputable Brisbane IT Support services charge for the work they do. They do not ask for credit card information in advance before working. Also, they will not sell you additional services until they address your concerns. If they refuse to do the job unless you pay in advance, it's a pretty safe bet that you're not the one who says you are. 


To avoid problems with IT support for business computers and networks, consult with some potential vendors, select the vendor that best suits your needs, and know what to contact if you encounter any problems.