How to obtain Level Checker Mount?


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How to obtain Level Checker Mount?

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     December 12, 2021    


In Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, Level Checker appears as a mount that players can obtain. And it is not easy for players to obtain Level Checker Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. Players first need to collect a certain amount of FFXIV Gil to buy the corresponding items.

To force the FATE required by Chi, the player needs to knock down the enemies to obtain the Level Checker mount, which will be generated in the Ultima Thule area of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. This is the last area of the expansion, so players who want to get the mount need to wait until that point in the game. It is recommended that players complete the main scenario mission and unlock all Aether Currents in Ultima Thule.

In order to force Chi to be generated, the player needs to complete a series of FATE. Teleport to Omicron base. If there is an NPC named N-0265, please talk to them to start FATE. After completing these FATEs, Chi will be generated at X: 34.4 and Y: 21.4. The destiny will be named Omicron Recall: Killing Order. In addition, players who want to Buy FFXIV Gil can choose IGGM.

Players can team up to participate in the Chi fight, so that they have a better chance of getting FFXIV Gil in FATE. High level participation means that more Chi Bolts will be dropped after completing FATE. The more Chi Bolts dropped, the less time the player spends on acquiring the mount. A total of 12 Chi Bolts are required to obtain the Level Checker mount in Final Fantasy XIV.