QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: Five Benefits You Can Get!

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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: Five Benefits You Can Get!

Posted By Ace Cloud Hosting     December 12, 2021    


Accounting is one of the most crucial functions of any business. After all, keeping a complete record of your business accounts is important for your finances. Also, it will help you pay your taxes on time to avoid any legal troubles.

The use of pen and paper to keep the record of all finances has been in existence from a long time.However, this traditional methods of maintaining account books are gone. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can now manage all your business accounts on a cloud server to improve efficiency.

Why QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Makes Sense in 2021?

QuickBooks cloud hosting makes perfect sense in 2021 and the time to come. In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, nobody thought it would last so long. People started to work remotely, which means they didn’t have access to desktop versions of software. This included the accounting teams too who didn’t have access to the desktop version of QuickBooks.

At this moment, several businesses realized the importance of having a cloud-hosted QuickBooks. This would have allowed the accounting teams to keep maintaining the business accounts and prevent any financial losses. Although several businesses shifted to hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, several businesses are skeptical.

But one thing’s for sure that remote working will become a common norm for businesses in the future as it is beneficial for management and employees. Hence, if you haven’t switched to cloud hosting QuickBooks, maybe you should do it now! Apart from remote access, hosting QuickBooks in the cloud has several benefits.

Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Decreased operational costs

If you are using the desktop version of QuickBooks, you need to invest in maintaining the IT infrastructure. You need to spend time and money to upgrade your systems and software license regularly. However, cloud hosting QuickBooks helps you cut down on these costs efficiently.

Cloud hosting QuickBooks required no software installation and license upgrades. This saves you a lot of time and decreases the operations costs. Also, since a third party will maintain the cloud-hosted QuickBooks, the costs are further cut down.

Quick connection and unlimited access

Hosted QuickBooks provides accounting teams to establish quick connections. Along with this, it provides unlimited access to the data. Cloud hosting also provides an opportunity for teams to easily collaborate.

Teams can access, edit and share accounting files across the organization. This helps them reduce the time invested in completing each project thus increasing efficiency.

Increase availability of features

QuickBooks Hosting also provides access to increased features. For example, the accounting team can now run the software on different devices. Whether they want to access it from desktop, laptop, iPads, smartphones, they can do so easily.

No separate installation or maintenance is needed. These enhanced features make it easy for the team to access older and latest versions of QuickBooks. Also, cloud-hosted QuickBooks supports other add-ons and integrations.

Office space

If you are a small business, cloud hosting QuickBooks will help you save a lot of office space. You won’t need floor space to set up computer systems for accessing desktop versions. Users can access the hosted QuickBooks from anywhere using their preferred device.

Data backup and enhanced security

Hosted QuickBooks provides the feature of data backup and enhanced security. All your data is protected with multiple security layers to avoid a security breach. Third-party providers also provide the feature of continual data backup to avoid any loss.

If you are transferring data to any other device, the data is encrypted to avoid any breach and data loss. Cloud-hosted QuickBooks provides firewall protection that can be accessed by authorized personnel only.

Final Takeaway

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting is highly beneficial now and in the long run. And using a third-party cloud hosting provider like Ace Cloud Hosting will be beneficial too. The company provides advanced and high-quality services to host all the existing versions of QuickBooks.

They provide Intuit authorized cloud hosting of QuickBooks. So, rest assured you will get enhanced and authorized hosting services that will be worth your money and time. Check them out now!

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