Know The Working Procedure of Smart Glass
    • Last updated December 13, 2021
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Know The Working Procedure of Smart Glass

Posted By Osiris Brett     December 13, 2021    


All we know that glass is crucial design aspect in living and business spaces. However, in most cases, its major intention is one-dimensional. That is, to capture the light. Traditional colored glass allows light to enter while preserving privacy, but until recently, no glass was transparent or lustrous at the push of a button. Today, there is this type of product in the type of Switchable Glass Dubai. It can quickly turn from transparent to perfectly white. It's very easy to make the product very much clear again. Just press the button again.

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Product Mechanism

The switchable Privacy Film For Windows consists of five layers. If the precipitations are not charged, the droplets will be randomly aligned and the disc will appear transparent. Once they get the charge, the droplets disperse, making the disc translucent. This happens because the index of refraction of the droplet not more matches the index of refraction of the film polymer.


Technology has changed the way we work. This is seen in our daily lives through the use of cellular and solar technology. It can also be seen in our architecture. By using Smart Glass Dubai, you can create a new multifunctional space. The room has always had a high priority. What is this new technology? How does it help maximize your world?

Smart glass: One or more pieces of glass This is a structure in which liquid crystal molecules are surrounded by a conductive Smart Film Dubaiand suspended between two thin pieces of glass. Foil controls the placement of crystal molecules. Crystal molecules can be adjusted to allow light to pass through two glass plates or to appear opaque.

Not only does this new glass look great, it's also practical at home and in the office. This technology can be used in a variety of ways to improve quality of life.

Windows to avoid the use of curtains, reduce the number of house dust mite in the house and clean the air. Easily switchable electrically for different settings. With less maintenance, you can spend more time enjoying your home than cleaning it. Maximize space while preserving the ability to keep public spaces private. Inside the office: You can hold private meetings while making it look like an open office. Use smart glass technology as a cabin wall. The cabin remains transparent when not in use and quickly becomes opaque when it is not noticeable.

House: Enclose the dining room with smart glass walls. On a nice night, you can overlook the garden. However, if you want to protect the privacy of your neighbors, you can do that with the push of a button. In a family room, you can form a window if the smart glass wall is translucent, or a projection screen if it is opaque.

For special collections: If you have a favorite collection, put it in a glass case. You can see valuable items when the glass is transparent and protect them from the decay of the sun by making the glass opaque. In this application, collections and glass become art.