The most memorable historical moment in WOW 3
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The most memorable historical moment in WOW 3

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     November 27, 2019    


The most memorable historical moment in WOW 3





South Bank vs. Taryn Mill


When World of Warcraft was first released, the game did not have the PvP battlefield or arena we have today. If you want to kill players from hostile camps, you just need to go out into the world to hunt them down.


One of the earliest areas to see bloody conflict between the Alliance and the Horde was the Hillsbrad Mountains. It is located in Ironforge, north on the map. Features an Alliance Town, South Bank, and Tribal Town Tarren Mill, next to each other. Teammates from both sides gathered in their respective towns and then tried to expand their territory and conquer each other. The battle quickly lost control, and hundreds of players on the server flocked to Hillsbrad, trying to lead their side to victory.



Regarding SS vs. TM, it's really worth noting that apart from destroying the satisfaction of the opponent, there is no real reward for winning the victory. Combat, as well as World PvP, are usually proposed by veterans of World of Warcraft, because they miss the game's current scene most. Not only that, the players at that time were also very fascinated with Cheap WOW Classic Gold. If they only acquired WOW Classic Gold by themselves, it would consume a lot of time and experience.


Blizzard will let players experience this epic battle of death at its special 10th anniversary event. Players can go to the South Bank against an instance version of Taryn Mill and fight in a 40-on-40 battle.Now at, players can buy the cheapest World of Warcraft gold by themselves, and ship quickly. Safe transactions are the first guarantee. Thanks to the help of these cheap currencies, I was able to grow quickly in the game.




High warlord


Once Blizzard finally implements a real PvP system, things will not be the same as before. PvP has a graded transmission system, the better you do on PvP, the better grade you can get. Some people even share accounts (violating Blizzard's terms of service), taking turns playing the same role, trying to increase their chances of getting the best gear.

This approach is very unsupported by Blizzard officials. Once discovered by the system, the account will be blocked immediately. However, for some objective reasons, Blizzard will eventually abolish this system so that players no longer need to commit suicide in order to get equipment, but this system is still missed by some people. Because he can maintain a fair and just state in the game.