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Posted By Michael Caine     December 14, 2021    


The process of downloading My TomTom application is simple. My TomTom application basically involves visiting the TomTom site after which you click on the button to show that you'd like to "Start by determining the version to your My TomTom application that you'd like to download continuing to download the identical. When the My TomTom application is downloaded, it is inserted into the TomTom gadget and the product begins to serve you immediately, with respect to maintaining the gadget and cutting-edge maps.
Installation MyDrive Connect -
  1. You can download your MyDrive Connect tomtom to get started by clicking SAVE.
  2. On the download completion after which you can click RUN.
  3. Locate the file InstallMyDriveConnect.exe and double-tap on this file.
  4. Click YES when you get User Account Control. Click RUN.
  5. Check out the license agreement, then tap I AGREE and tap NEXT.
  6. Click INSTALL and confirm the configurations.
  7. Select OK and connect your device to MyDrive Connect.
  8. Download MyDrive Connect
* Before you present MyDrive Connect, make sure the device isn't connected to the PC.
* If you are prompted to execute, open an existing document or save it, select to open it or click.
  1. Install MyDrive Connect
* If the MyDrive Connect setup does not begin on its own, search for the Install MyDrive Connect.exe registry on your computer and double-tap it to start the setup wizard. started on a MyDrive Connect
* Once you have installed, MyDrive Connect will automatically start and give you a login option or a brand new account.
  1. Connect your getstarted device
* If you're in a middle establishment you will be instructed to connect the device to your computer as it is charging. To connect the device properly, you must associate the USB link specifically with the USB port of your PC. Only use your USB link that is supplied with the device. Other USB links may not work.
  1. Configure and activate the services
On your device, turn it on and follow the instructions on the wizard for installation to activate the free services.
Tomtom Update -
Now, we will discuss how to upgrade Tomtom. Tomtom to your phone. This procedure is only applicable to only those who have installed the MyDrive application on the device. If you haven't downloaded it yet, then complete it with tomtom get started site and install the MyDrive setup.
After the installation is successful when the installation is successful, if a new version occurs, then you will need to update the tomtom setup. Before it, complete two steps;
  1. Verify compatibility with your device. Make sure that your PC can work with MyDrive Connect.
  2. Check whether you are using The MyDrive Connect latest version or not.
After you have completed and verified that you have completed these two steps after which you are able to follow the update process. Follow the following steps:
  1. Connect the navigation device to the computer, then turn into the unit.
  2. Connect to the MyDrive connection either manually or by using the automatic option.
  3. Make sure you're not logged in using the Tomtom account. If not, enter your account details: password and email. It is possible to select "Remember my email address" for more convenience.
  4. Click on the "Update selected" tab. It will show what's changed with this update. From there is a need to "Accept and Install" so that you can continue with the update. "Notice - if it doesn't show any software update, it means your navigation device is up-to-date. And so, you can disconnect the navigation device you are using from the computer, and you can skip the other steps." Otherwise, follow the next steps.
  5. Do not remove the device from the network and wait for the disconnect message.
  6. The device will display the message that you can disconnect the device and that it is safe.
  7. Once installation is complete. In MyDrive Connect, check "YOU'RE READY TO GO!" message.
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