Warrior in Warcraft-best melee option
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Warrior in Warcraft-best melee option

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     November 28, 2019    


Warrior in Warcraft-best melee option



In World of Warcraft, warriors are a special presence. It mainly focuses on melee attacks and is good at melee. Including I like to use the role of warrior to attack opponents when playing Warcraft. For melee attacks, although the soldier is not the only option, he is the best choice.



Rage Posture

Slash-A wielding attack that adds X damage to your weapon's damage to the target and nearby allies. This skill is useful when fighting multiple monsters at the same time. Make sure the rest of the monsters aren't covered by the water; otherwise the chopping will awaken them. Furious Fury-When a soldier enters Furious Fury, he becomes unaffected by fear and stun effects and can generate additional anger when affected by fear and stun effects. Under the blessing of Vanilla WOW Gold, you can exchange for better weapons, making yourself very powerful, and often an important weapon on the battlefield will affect the outcome. So a powerful weapon is often self-evident.



Lasts a few seconds. Recklessness-Each strike of a warrior will cause fatal damage and will not be affected by the effects of fear for the next few seconds, but the defense will be reduced. Cyclone-In the steel whirlwind you can attack several enemies within a certain range, causing each enemy's weapon to be damaged. Boxing-Instant attacks cause damage and interrupt cast for a short period of time. The combo moves use shield strikes / blocks and then use revenge to attack. I used a lot of vanilla gold in the previous map, and they effectively helped me get the weapons and swords I thought of. Buying Vanilla WOW Gold at https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold is not only the lowest price, but also the delivery speed is very fast! Suggest other players to enjoy together!




Combat method

As the main force of the army (more often cannon fodder), soldiers need to wear heavy armor and use huge two-handed weapons to rush to the enemy to crush their bodies and souls, or use swords and shields with their own wisdom and fighting skills Work closely with the enemy to ensure the absolute security of allies behind. At the same time, the soldiers must carefully control their anger (this is the energy used to cast powerful skills) in order to give full play to combat effectiveness. A warrior can be an extremely strong defensive shield fortress, an indestructible high damage melee class, or a combination of both. Their abilities obviously belong to the category of offensive and defensive melee art; under different circumstances and team composition, their postures are always different strategies.