The New World Winter Convergence Festival Has Begun

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The New World Winter Convergence Festival Has Begun

Posted By Claus Oliver     December 16, 2021    


Due to some reasons, the New World 1.2 patch originally scheduled to be released on December 14 was delayed, and the Winter Convergence Festival was also delayed.

On December 16, the delayed New World update was finally released, and the Winter Convergence Festival released at the same time will last until January 11, 2022. During this time players need to perform seasonal tasks, collect new resources, and deliver lost gifts. Then you can use these resources to buy some rare items in the Holiday Shop.

What can players get in the Winter Convergence Festival?

The Winter Wanderer will give unique Winter Tokens for accomplishing repeatable material around the isle, which you may kip down at the Holiday Shop to receive your hands on brand new armors, weapons, skins, furniture, as well as much more. There are 4 Holiday Villages to go to at the same time, set up in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Weaver's Fen, and also Brightwood. You can comply with the Winter Wanderer at these places as well as take special holiday quests.

On the other hand, there's the Winter Warrior as well as his 'frigid folk' who are creating pandemonium around the land by swiping presents. You may recover shed presents and also return them to Holiday Huts that you'll discover in the new villages, and also make even more Winter Tokens while doing so.

As you could have seen in the trailer, the Winter Convergence Celebration additionally launches brand-new ice caves, which you'll find around Aeturnum throughout the celebration. These are the Winter Fighter's preliminary beachhead in his battle to develop a 'forever winter,' and are the house to the yeti that is triggering the snowfall.

You'll likewise observe periodic meteor showers throughout the Convergence Festival, as well as the internet sites where they drizzle down, which are prime sites for collecting gleaming crystals. These, also, can be exchanged for Winter gifts at Winter Villages, so watch out for all of them.
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